10 Things to love about camping in the Cederberg

camping in the CederbergIn a stunning landscape like the Cederberg, where rock formations intrigue and the freshness of the air gives you an oxygen kick, it’s not hard to see why its such a popular destination. When it comes to camping though, the jury is still out for many people. However, when you combine the magic of the Cederberg with the slow pace and self-reliance that comes with camping, you get an experience that’s difficult to match.
Here are 10 things which make camping in the Cederberg so great…

1 The texture and colours of the landscape

textures in the Cederberg
Being in this region really reveals the planet for the artist’s palette it is. Soft and smooth, rough and spikey, and colours which look flat from a distance clearly consist of multiple shades when you get up close.

2 The starry skies

starry night skies in the Cederberg
Away from the polluted city, you’ll find a crisp, clear smorgasbord of stars twinkling down at you every night, and you may well spot a shooting star too.

3 Fresh air and sweet mountain water

A valley in the Cederberg
When you’re up in the mountains, everything seems sweeter, including, bizarrely, the air. Each breath sustains you for longer and when you get thirsty, there is little more satisfying than a sip of water from a mountain stream.

4 Time takes on a different dimension

When you’re out in nature there is nothing to indicate what time it is, other than the sun itself. You are unconstrained by meetings and alarm clocks and as a result will probably go to bed earlier and wake with the first light. Then float onwards into a languid, obligation-free day.

5 The day revolves around cooking

camp fire cooking - Cederberg
For anyone who loves to cook and eat, camping is ideal as so much of your day is taken up with food preparation. Without gadgets and electricity, meals become mini-events and the preparation easily becomes a meditative activity.

6 Roasting marshmallows

roasting marshmallows in the Cederberg
Related to cooking, the roasting of marshmallows is just such a simple, child-like pleasure, even if you don’t like marshmallows in ‘normal life’.

7 The sense of achievement that comes with being self-reliant

camping in the Cederberg
With no shop to pop to, or electric contraption to turn to, when you are faced with a challenge while camping, there is no choice but to make use of your ingenuity, stretching your creative muscles in the process. It’s fun thinking out of the box and it feels good when something you’ve ‘invented’ works out.

8 Better conversation

With nothing tugging at your attention, you’ll be super relaxed, and so will everyone else. This means that conversations aren’t rushed or tense and over the course of your adventure you’ll get a nice variety of fun chats and thought-provoking conversation.

9 The Cederberg is close to Cape Town

Depending on which part of the Cederberg you choose, it’s easy enough to head into the wilderness for a weekend – no need to book off work and organise an extravaganza.

10 The sun shines. A lot.

sunny Cederberg skies
In summer sunshine is pretty well guaranteed, and while the temperature drops in winter, the days are mild and, you guessed it, sunny.

If you want to plan your own Cederberg adventure, Citrusdal and Clanwilliam are good places to start…

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