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Match your Personality to a Cape Town Hotel

Cape Town hotels © Darren FrancisOnce upon a time, the word ‘hotel’ was self-explanatory and the genre of accommodation fitted nicely into a one-size-fits-all box. Somebody said ‘hotel’ and you could be certain they were staying in one of many rooms in a tall building, eating a buffet breakfast at one of many tables in the dining room and retiring at the end of the day to recline on their double bed and watch a bit of TV.

Today however, ‘hotel’ encompasses a variety of options, moulded to suit a range of different clients. Pretty much the only thing that is consistent across hotel sub-genres is that a hotel is designed for short-term stays. Cape Town hotels offer as much variety as anywhere, possibly even more given the creative, innovative nature of this awesome city. No matter who you are, Cape Town will have a hotel for you. (more…)

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7 Activities and Things to Do in Hout Bay


Activities in Hout Bay

Having anticipated your holiday for who knows how long, you have finally arrived at your accommodation in Hout Bay. You pause a moment to scratch your head, and ponder what you might do with all this free time you’ve been saving up at work. But not for long as the wonders of Hout Bay will reveal themselves to you in no time. To speed up the process though, read on.

Here follows a list of the top 7 must-do activities that Hout Bay has to offer the visitor. (more…)

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South Africa’s Small Town Tour

Matjiesfontein, South Africa


South Africa is a wonderful tourist destination on many levels, offering everything from trendy city jaunts and rough ‘n tumble rural adventures to big 5 safaris. Another thing that South Africa has in abundance though, is small, intriguing towns which make for wonderful weekend escapes. Here are 6 which we deem worthy of a visit. (more…)

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A Guide to South African Slang Words

Bakkie- South African slangIf you’re visiting South Africa and happen to overhear a conversation that sounds like this: “Howzit china. Eish! Had such a lekker jol last night hey, but yoh I’m  babalas! But don’t worry, I’ll be there just now. Just passing the robots. Aweh bru.” You’d be forgiven for not understanding a word. The thing is, South Africa, like countries all over the world, has a colourful slang repertoire, made even more so by the fact that it encompasses a whole variety of local languages. To make life easier for our overseas visitors, we have compiled a list of the slang words you are most likely to encounter in your travels through South Africa.

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Birds’ Eye View: A Paragliding Experience

Birds’ Eye View A Paragliding Experience











I admit it. I’m scared of heights. My whole life I have shied away from adrenaline activities which involve leaping (stupidly!) off cliff-faces and from aeroplanes. I am happy to go canyoning, provided the jump is not more than 4 meters. I’m kinda hopeless. Knowing this about myself, it was somewhat surprising to hear my mouth responding in the affirmative when someone propositioned me with a paraglide flight.

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Guided Free Walks for Kirstenbosch 100th Birthday

Kirstenbosch GardensIf you’re staying at accommodation in Cape Town, you’ll no doubt have heard of the local botanical gardens. Kirstenbosch, more than just a Cape Town tourist attraction, and much more than just garden! This iconic green space, lying on the foothills of Cape Town’s beloved Table Mountain serves as a refuge for wildlife, big and small and is home to 100’s of endemic plant species.

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Bantry Bay Beaches and Bliss

Bantry Bay

You open one eye, and then the other, awakened by light streaming in through the floor to ceiling window. The white curtains are flapping in the wind, and beyond them the balcony is beckoning. You roll over, aided by the smooth, silky texture of the sheets and make your way across the room and through the open doors.

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The Victoria and Alfred Waterfront: Attractions Galore


The Victoria and Alfred Waterfront

So you’ve just arrived in Cape Town, armed with your city-guide and in awe of the famous Table Mountain. It is unsurprising that you may be feeling slightly overwhelmed by the array of activities available to you. However, never fear. Cape Town’s own one-stop tourism shop, the ambient Victoria and Alfred Waterfront is the perfect spot to get you started.

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