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Beginners Tips for Placing Bets at the Vodacom Durban-July

Vodacom Durban July raceThe phrase ‘off to the races’ conjures up images of men in top hats and women dressed to the nines – scenes from My Fair Lady encapture my mental images. While horse-racing is not all about fashion and status, events like the Vodacom Durban-July make it easy to forget that. With a number of fashion competitions taking place on the day, and the bar and restaurant marquees buzzing with an attractive crowd, it certainly is an event where people like to see and be seen. (more…)

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Armchair Travel Books for the Deprived Traveller

travel books on a shelfThe school holidays are here, which is fantastic if you happen to be at school. However, for the majority of us, the three week period in late June/early July passes by with hardly a sideways glance from us (unless, of course you are a parent faced with entertaining your children for 3 weeks – in which case look at this post about kids’ activities at the V&A Waterfront). (more…)

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The V&A Waterfront: One Stop Activity Shop for the School Holidays in Cape Town

flags at the V&A WaterfrontThe winter school holidays are upon us and, given the busy world we live in, many working parents’ brains are ticking over thinking about how to keep their kids entertained for three whole weeks! If you happen to be one such parent, the V&A Waterfront maybe just what you’re looking for…

For those of you unfamiliar with the V&A Waterfront, it is a large shopping complex built next to Cape Town harbour. There is a boat yard where repairs are done and plenty of jetties where you can ogle the yachts. Furthermore, there is a wealth of fun, child-friendly activities in the vicinity – a lot of them indoors rendering them ideal for the wet Cape Town winter. As with any shopping mall, there is also a host of food joints that appeal to small people’s unrefined taste-buds. 😉 (more…)

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Win Tickets to the Craft Beer Project @ The Knysna Oyster Festival

oyster festival craft beersThe annual Knysna Oyster Festival is about far more than mollusks. This year Pezula Golf Estate is hosting a new sideline to the main event, The Knysna Craft Beer Project. In celebration, The Knysna Craft Beer Project, in conjunction with Dining-OUT and Sleeping-OUT are giving away 5 double tickets to 5 lucky beer drinkers. (more…)

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5 Top Tips for Travelling with Children

travelling with childrenThere is absolutely no denying that travelling with children is a little more complicated than going it alone or as a couple. However, just because things are a little complicated at times doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be done, right?

With the June/July school holidays coming up in South Africa, many families will be packing up for a bit of adventure and we have some tips to help families with kids under 8 have a great time despite the little bumps in the road. (more…)

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Tips For Finding Your Way Through the Grahamstown Festival Program

Pieter-Dirk Uys at the Grahamstown FestivalEvery year around mid-winter, the rowdy student town of Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape takes on a decidedly literary air. The occasion is the annual Grahamstown Festival (the full name is the Grahamstown National Arts Festival), a showcase of South African and international performance in all its incarnations. (more…)

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Fair Trade Tourism, Your Key to Responsible Travel

responsible travel: Fair Trade Tourism logoLove them or hate them, bicycles offer a unique form of transport. More efficient than walking, bicycles allow you to get from A to B faster than by foot, but simultaneously ensure that you are very much participating in life as it happens, rather than being blocked off from it in the confines of a car. This is precisely why the AWOL bicycle tours are such a success. Furthermore, they are a fine example of responsible travel and answer the question, What is Fair Trade Tourism? (more…)

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3 Step Guide to Celebrating Youth Day in South Africa

family relaxing on youth dayLong languid weekends are what many of us worker bees live and breathe for. Luckily for us, the 16th of June promises just that – a long weekend kicking off on Friday and winding down on Monday evening. The thing is, some of us get so caught up in the holiday that we forget why Youth Day actually exists. (more…)

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Father’s Day: Reminiscing on Travels with Dad

campfire on father's day“Catherine WHAT are you doing?” These words uttered in a bemused tone are the soundtrack to almost any travels my dad and I undertake together. And they are usually spoken as I try to assemble a tent or start a fire. The thing is, it seems my dad subscribes to the ‘my way or the highway’ mentality and I have long come to accept that no matter how adept I am at doing something, when it comes to outdoor endeavours, dad’s way is always best, at least for the sake of a harmonious relationship. (more…)

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3 Small Nature Reserves in KwaZulu Natal

Beachwood mangrove nature reserve in kwazulu natal

Beachwood Mangrove Nature Reserve.

So we know by now that city people like to take a break from the city every now and then. To this end we have been looking into the small nature reserves around various South African cities that can be reached easily from said cities. To date we’ve looked at nature reserves in and around Cape Town and Joburg, and today, Durban, it’s your turn. Here are three nature reserves in KwaZulu Natal which are quick and easy to reach from Durban. (more…)

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