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How to Survive Winter Camping in the Cederberg

san rock artI announced I was going camping in the Cederberg to shocked exclamations and suspicious warnings. It was late June and the temperature in the city was pretty cold on most days. The Cederberg, a set of picturesque mountains 3 hours’ drive from Cape Town, would be deathly cold they said – winter camping was a crazy idea. (more…)

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South Africa’s World Heritage Sites (Part 2)

World Heritage Sites - Cape Floral KingdomLeading on from part 1, we now bring you the last four of South Africa’s eight UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Cape Floral Kingdom – Western Cape – Day Trip
The Cape Floral Kingdom is a roughly 53 000 hectare region stretching from the Western Cape into the Eastern Cape. It is incredibly special because despite only representing 1% of the African continent, it is home to 20% of Africa’s flora. Within the area there are 9000 fynbos species, of which 6200 are endemic! (more…)

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South Africa’s Wealth of World Heritage Sites (Part 1)

World Heritage Sites - Mrs Ples

Mrs Ples was found at the Sterkfontein Caves

South Africa is often lauded for its diversity in all shapes and sizes; its beautiful landscapes and myriad cultural influences. However, did you know that it is home to no fewer than eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites? (more…)

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A Holiday versus Travelling | Another Travel List

luggage lined upWithin the travel community, there are certain hang ups (as there are in any niche group), one of them regarding the distinctions between ‘travelling’ and taking a ‘holiday’. For anyone outside of this group, the distinction may seem abstract…and in many cases it is (especially when self-proclaimed ‘travellers’ get carried away). Still, one can’t deny that taking public transport through Africa for 4 months isn’t quite the same as spending a week at a resort in the Maldives. (more…)

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Introduction to Kruger Park | The accommodation post

Kruger Park accommodation at Skukuza

Skukuza Rest Camp

So, having had a broad introduction to the Kruger Park (in this post) and where the animals are found and why, we will now look at Kruger Park accommodation. (more…)

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An Alternative to Armchair Travel | Adventures in an Outdoor Shop

Armchair travel in an outdoor adventure shopTravel in Africa is largely associated with ‘roughing it’, and for good reason too. So much of Africa, even in its most developed countries, is wild – which is of course why we all love it so much! As someone who particularly loves roughing it, I find there are few things better than browsing around a shop dedicated to outdoor equipment and apparel. It’s another form of armchair travel I suppose. (more…)

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Game Watching in the Kruger Park – Where to find the animals you want to see.

rhino in the Kruger ParkThe Kruger National Park, a name instantly recognised by anyone vaguely familiar with South Africa. Established in 1926, it is one of South Africa’s premier game reserves as well as one of its largest. The park, not too surprisingly, is home to an enormous diversity of plants and animals – 507 bird species, 336 tree species, 147 mammal species (to name a few) – which in turn draw throngs of visitors every year. (more…)

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In the Lap of Luxury – A Night at the Grande Roche Hotel

Grande Roche HotelBefore we’d even stepped out of the car, a uniformed man approached us. ‘Good afternoon, I’ll take your bags.’ He led us to the reception area, where we were deposited in the lavish lounge-cum-waiting area while our luggage was whisked away to some as yet unimaginable place. Peering through the window at the surrounding mountains, bubbly in hand, it was impossible not to feel content. (more…)

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Kids Ahoy Holiday Programme at the V&A Waterfront

Kids ahoy holiday programme at the v&a WaterfrontThis school holiday, The V&A Waterfront markets and Sweets from Heaven (now found at the V&A!) have got a fun, stimulating line-up of workshops to keep your kids entertained. From the 29th of June until the 6 July, small groups of 8 or less will be guided through a choice of craft activities with a distinct ‘edutainment’ element is concerned. The workshops encourage creativity and independent thinking as well as drawing attention to the environment by utilising recycled materials. (more…)

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The Transkei: An African Adventure and A Moving Journey

children in the TranskeiSpluttering and coughing, tears streaming, I emerged from the little kitchen hokkie that doubled as gossip central. I do not speak isiXhosa and yet the raised eye-brows, the ‘tuts’, laden with disapproval and the raucous laughter conveyed the nature of the discussions which unfolded within that small smoky dwelling. (more…)

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