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Win with the Protea Hotel Fire & Ice Melrose Arch and Sleeping-OUT

Protea Hotel Fire & Ice Melrose Arch, Sleeping-OUT competitionThe Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! Melrose Arch has a lot going for it especially since it has a fantastic location! Situated in the heart of Johannesburg’s Northern Suburbs, its spot in the trendy Melrose Arch precinct ensures the ultimate city within a city experience. (more…)

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4 Epic Road Trips in South Africa

South Africa road trip | Sleeping-OUTIn the same way that ‘slow food’ and organic produce is coming back into fashion, so is the concept of slow travel, which embraces the journey rather than focusing solely on the destination. While aeroplanes whisk you seamlessly from point A to point B, road travel puts you at eye-level with the landscape you’re travelling through and gives you time to ponder the scenery (as well as life death and the universe). (more…)

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Hot Spring Holidays in South Africa

hot spring holidays south africaHot springs are delightful and relaxing examples of geography in action. Generally where hot springs are concerned, warm water bubbles up from the earth’s core, where it has been heated by the geothermic heat created when rocks in the earth’s crust are compressed. Generally the water rising up in these springs is above body temperature, although exactly how warm it is varies. (more…)

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Valentine’s Day at Sleeping-OUT

Valentine's Day at Sleeping-OUTSo another Valentine’s Day has come and gone. Perhaps you spent it with your partner, or maybe you embraced the day with friends instead. At Sleeping-OUT we took the opportunity to spread some office love, with a tea party, dress-up competition, goody bags and a bit of philanthropy. A little silliness went down well in the office and overall it was a pretty good Valentine’s Day. (more…)

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End of Summer Beach Trip Destinations

Summer beach holidays South AfricaWith March fast approaching, April will be upon us soon enough too, and with April comes 2 things. Firstly it is the most holiday-saturated month on the South African calendar, with school holidays finishing on the 7 April, and then the Easter weekend 2 weeks later (18-21 April), followed by the Freedom Day weekend (26-28 April). Secondly, it is the last month of summer, with things turning chilly in May. Knowing what we do about April, it seems like the ideal way to spend it is by taking a trip to the coast. After all, only in April can you get an 11 day holiday by taking only 5 days leave! (more…)

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10 Small Conference & Function Venues Around South Africa

conference venuesAs with most things in life, different people do things for different reasons, and travel is exactly the same. Sometimes people travel to absolutely unwind and escape the bustle of their everyday work lives, with Valentine’s Day coming up people will be travelling to spend some romantic time with their partners, and other people travel mainly for business. Sometimes people travel as a team-building exercise or to organise a social event for some kind of formal organisation such as a church or hobby group. The establishments below have been selected for their superior ability to host large numbers of guests and their conference/function venues. Whether you are looking for a spot to host your large family reunion, a conference or religious group, these 10 establishments tick all of the important boxes. (more…)

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