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Win with the Protea Hotel Saldanha Bay

Protea Hotel Saldanha BayAn hour and a half from Cape Town, up the scenic West Coast lies Saldanha, a small fishing town and natural harbour. The bay upon which the town is perched is ideal for water sports while the fresh seafood available there is something to write home about too. As you can imagine, there is plenty of demand for accommodation there, but the Protea Hotel Saldanha Bay is definitely up there among the best. (more…)

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Where Would Celebs Stay if they came to Africa?

celebrity holidaysWith money to burn and highly publicised preferences (some more than others), celebrities can afford to get exactly what they want when it comes to holiday accommodation, so what do we have to offer? Hypothesising a little about what certain celebs may want from a vacation is a fun exercise, and we’re glad to announce that we think South and Southern Africa in general have such a broad range of destinations and accommodation options that even the richest and pickiest celebs will be satisfied. (more…)

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9 Places that will make you Fall in Love with Mpumalanga

Magical MpumalangaMpumalanga‘Place where the sun rises’, as it’s translated from Zulu, Swazi, Xhosa and Ndebele – is an unbelievably diverse province in the east of South Africa. Divided along its north/south axis by the Drakensberg Escarpment, the western half is characterised by high-altitude grassland known as the Highveld, while the eastern half is low altitude bushveld known as the Lowveld. (more…)

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9 Stunning South African Golf Courses to Visit on a Golfing Holiday

South African golf holidaysIf you’re a golf enthusiast you’ll know the feeling of teeing off on a new course, of mentally calculating your next move, of the tranquillity of a manicured golf course and of enjoying a rewarding drink in a beautiful setting after a rewarding round of golf. You might not know though, that South Africa is brimming with golf courses able to offer you all of those feelings and more. Here are but a few examples… (more…)

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