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Beaufort West: not just a Klein Karoo Dorp


Envision this scenario, you’re travelling on the N1 en route to Cape Town from Bloemfontein and you encounter a sign that welcomes you to the town of Beaufort West. You ignore it as you normally would, having dubbed it as a town not worth exploring, or if you do make a pit stop here, it’s to stock up on padkos and refuel at the petrol station. What most people don’t realise is that this is no ordinary Karoo Dorpie, but what is harboured in this quaint town are rich, historical findings, a thriving eco-tourism sector, an abundance of activity and incomparable scenic beauty.


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Back-to-School Weekend Activities for the Kids


It’s back-to-school for most scholars, a time when young children have to sit in stuffy classrooms, yearning for break time where they can give their heat-addled brains a bit of fresh air, or play a game of soccer with their friends.

Weekends during summertime should be spent outdoors, where children run amok and bask in the sunshine. While shopping is a typical weekend activity in Johannesburg,  we have compiled a list of kid-friendly events to get the youngsters out of those air-conditioned malls with these active, outdoor-based activities.


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Free Accommodation Reaches R3 Million!

It’s official, we have reached yet another milestone, The Sleeping-OUT Free Accommodation Programme has reached the R3 Million mark!



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Weekend Getaway in Paternoster


Being the oldest and last-standing fishermen’s village on the West Coast means that a visit to Paternoster is certainly something special.  Situated 120kms away from the heart of Cape Town, it is a tranquil breakaway for those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the Mother City. Here, residents live simply, where trails on the beach are encouraged and the only sounds you’ll hear are fishermen chattering after a day out on the sea and thunderous waves crashing on the shoreline.

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