8 Things that make us proud to be South African

It’s heritage day and a good time to take a look at what we love about the crazy, wild, beautiful place we all call home. Here are 8 things that have us ‘blessing the rains down in Africa’:

  1. South African Wildlife 


2. The bushveld


The feeling of the wide open space and freedom is something you can’t find anywhere else.

3. Cape Town.


All of it, sorry.

4. Jo’burg thunderstorms


Simultaneously terrifying and incredibly beautiful

5. That African sun


Bigger, and warmer, and fiercer than any other place on earth.

6. A good ol’ South African braai

It’s a cliche, but we do love our braais. Can you just smell that distinctive braai aroma?

7.  Our special ‘South Africanisms’


8. Our crazy cool fellow South Africans

FifaSo different, and yet all united in our South African-ness.

Happy Heritage day, everyone!

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