8 things you’ll only see in Africa


Africa is a pretty crazy place. Some call it a land of ‘extremes’ – extremely rich in resources, extremely poor in money, extremely beautiful and extremely cruel. It is the birthplace of humanity and has the second largest population in the world, at just over one billion people. Here are some of the wild and wonderful things you might see when travelling Africa.



Driving in Africa can be an adventure all on it’s own!


Your fellow commuters may even have some unusual passengers


Africa has the whole mobile-shopping thing down pat, you don’t even need to leave your car to buy household items!


And, luckily, it’s pretty cheap – even if some of the currencies do seem to have a few too many 0’s


Technology may be a bit behind the Western world, but people sure do love their gadgets!


And who could resist taking a selfie or two?

Harry Hook portrait

What’s beautiful about Africa is the sense of ubuntu. Sharing is caring.. and also often not optional!

APTOPIX South Africa Baboons   ASVZ101

Don’t be surprised if you sometimes have (very) unexpected guests pop round for tea


What you call a ‘pet’ and what is considered a pet in Africa may be two very different things


But everyone seems to get along quite well!


And that’s why we love our Africa really, quirks and all!

<3 Africa

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