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Top 10 hiking spots in South Africa

With the weather cooling and winter just around the corner, it’s time to unpack your long sleeves and start planning some autumn activities.

Autumn is an ideal time to go hiking , as it isn’t too hot to be doing exercise outdoors and the changing  autumn landscape makes for fascinating scenery. Have a look at this list of some of the best hiking trails around S.A  for your next hiking trip!

otter trail


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11 of the best fishing spots in South Africa

With a coastline of almost 3000 kilometres long, and numerous dams, lakes, rivers and streams, South Africa has plenty to offer for the fishing enthusiast. Since most fishing spots offer not only good fishing, but are set in gorgeous scenery and surroundings, they make great locations for weekend getaways.

Here are some of the best fishing spots around South Africa:



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Alternative ways to celebrate Easter this year

Easter is just a few days away and if you don’t have any plans yet but want to take advantage of the long weekend, here are some of the different events and activities happening around South Africa over Easter weekend.



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Tips for saving energy in your home

It’s officially Autumn and we can all feel the little chill in the air in the evenings and mornings. The cooler months of the year tend to be more energy-demanding as we heat up our homes and stay indoors more often. With this year’s load shedding schedule – even in the less demanding summer months – and more energy price hikes on the way, we should all be looking to decrease our energy consumption.

Here are some tips for saving energy in your home in the coming autumn and winter months.

save (more…)

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Celebrating Human Rights Day 2015

Human Rights Day is upon us, falling this year on Saturday 21 March 2015. This important national holiday serves as both a reminder of the happenings at the Sharpeville massacre, and as a celebration of South Africa’s commitment to democracy and equal rights.

Here is a round-up of some of the events happening around the country this Human Rights Day:



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Best places to have an Easter egg hunt

There is little that is more fun than a good ol’ Easter egg hunt, both for the kids doing the hunting and the adults who have a ball craftily hiding the eggs, and then watching in mirth as the kids scrounge for them. With Easter just around the corner, it’s time to start ‘hatching’ up a plan for the best Easter egg hunt ever!

If you live in apartment and don’t have the space or you are organising a party for a few kids, have a look at our ideas for public venues to hold a grand Easter egg hunt!



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Sun City: The ultimate family getaway

With Easter just about a month away, it’s high time to start planning your holidays. The Easter period is chock-a-block with public holidays, and schools close for first term, presenting an idea opportunity to take a make a little get away.

If you’re in the Gauteng region and looking for a holiday to keep both kids and adults entertained, don’t overlook Sun City. At just roughly 2.5 hour’s drive from Johannesburg with plenty to see and do it might just be exactly the holiday you are after.



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Best sunsets in South Africa

It is late summer already, and next thing you know these gorgeous balmy evenings are going to disappear with the crisp coolness of autumn and its early sunsets.

Take advantage of what remains of our glorious African summer and spend an evening at one of these magnificent sunset viewing spots:

chapmans peak


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Things to do during Load Shedding

Load shedding, that uninvited guest we can’t seem to get rid of, seems to be here to stay for a while at least. Irritating as it may be, in the spirit of making the best of a bad situation, here are some tips on what to do when the power is out. You never know, with TV and internet off the menu, you may re-discover some old hobbies!



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Top 10 places to propose in South Africa

It’s Valentine’s Month and love is in the air, in the news, and just about everywhere else you look. In keeping with the theme of romance, if you’re planning on taking your relationship to the next level, have a look at our top 10 places to propose in South Africa for some ideas.



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