Bantry Bay Beaches and Bliss

Bantry Bay

You open one eye, and then the other, awakened by light streaming in through the floor to ceiling window. The white curtains are flapping in the wind, and beyond them the balcony is beckoning. You roll over, aided by the smooth, silky texture of the sheets and make your way across the room and through the open doors.

You burst into the light and the smell of the ocean permeates your every cell – salt-water and kelp conspire to create a sensation in your nostrils which leaves you invigorated and inspired, just 10minutes after waking. The sound of waves crashing blocks out all those niggling thoughts and silences the sounds of city life, leaving you feeling totally relaxed.

Like the sound of that scenario? I bet you do. The thing is, if you plan on visiting Cape Town it could very well become a reality.

Bantry Bay is a teeny tiny suburb on the Atlantic Seaboard side of Cape Town. Tucked in between Clifton and Sea Point there are three words which should jump out at you: location, location, location. Bantry Bay itself is longer than it is wide, with the property there either perched right on the seafront or creeping up the mountain side. Either way, if you choose accommodation in Bantry Bay, you are guaranteed a room with a view. Furthermore, this little pocket of Cape Town is virtually wind free, a significant point given Cape Town’s nickname the Windy City. It can be howling in every other part of the peninsula, causing cars to rattle and shake, newspapers and small dogs to become airborne and skirts to billow as ladies clutch awkwardly to their dignity, and yet, round the bend into Bantry Bay and a whole new (peaceful) world awaits you.

It is an affluent world of well-dressed Capetonians, 5 star apartments and boutique hotels. And while Bantry Bay beaches don’t exist per se (the coastline here mainly consists of rocks), Clifton, one of Cape Town’s most popular sets of beaches, is within walking distance. Clifton is also an extremely protected area, providing visitors with a choice of four small, sheltered beaches divided by groups of granite boulders. Each beach has its own identity, from the uber-trendy fourth beach, to the local/surfer gathering point on 1st, and the widely acknowledged gay hang out at Clifton second, there is a myriad of beach cultures waiting to be enjoyed just down the road from your accommodation in Bantry Bay.

In the other direction Sea Point awaits. A rather more rough and tumble kind of place, the eateries of Sea Point might be just what you need after a leisurely day lounging around your rented pad or reading on the beach. By its very nature, Sea Point will liven up a lazy day with its bustling traffic and overflowing restaurants. You can choose between a Greek taverna, a classy cocktail bar or sushi joint, and that’s just on the main road. Branch out a little and you will be rewarded for your adventurous spirit. After filling up on food, wine and ambience, you can trot back to your lush digs in Bantry Bay and pull the plug on a blissfully satisfying day in Cape Town.

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