Best places to have an Easter egg hunt

There is little that is more fun than a good ol’ Easter egg hunt, both for the kids doing the hunting and the adults who have a ball craftily hiding the eggs, and then watching in mirth as the kids scrounge for them. With Easter just around the corner, it’s time to start ‘hatching’ up a plan for the best Easter egg hunt ever!

If you live in apartment and don’t have the space or you are organising a party for a few kids, have a look at our ideas for public venues to hold a grand Easter egg hunt!



If you’re in Jo’burg, an obvious choice is Zoo Lake. With a large park area, there are loads of hidey-holes for those eggs. If you get bored, you can also go for a canoe on the lake or pop over to the Johannesburg Zoo, which is literally across the road.

For something a bit quieter, Emmarentia Dam is a good option. There are loads of trees to hide eggs in and under! You can also canoe here, and feed the abundant ducks, geese, and fish that call the dam home.

A little further east, in Kensington, is Rhodes Park. It’s a smaller park so  you will be able to keep an an eye on the younger kids at all times. There are also some pools and ponds in the kids play area.



Magnolia Dell is a lovely green spot in Pretoria, and a perfect place for adults to indulge in a picnic while kids hunt for those eggs. There is a shady spot beside the stream under the beautiful willow trees that makes for a lovely way to while away an afternoon.

Jan Cilliers Park or ‘fairy park’ as it is known locally is very private, tucked away in the suburbs. It is tree-dense and as a result it is nicely shaded so you can sit comfortably while the kids are on the hunt. The added benefit is that the chocolate is less likely to melt!


For Durbanites, Palmiet Nature Reserve is a good bet. While it is too large to use in its whole, the picnic area is perfect for an Easter egg hunt. There is also a braai area, so multi-task and stage your Easter egg hunt while enjoying an early autumn braai.

The Durban Botanical Gardens is a natural choice and with the abundance of trees, shrubs and bushes, there are loads of places to hide the eggs in and on. Kids may also enjoy feeding the many ducks.

dnb botanical

Port Elizabeth

For the PE people, Homeleigh Farm Yard may be a good option. You can hide the eggs in all the nooks and crannies of the farm yard and kids can also pet and learn about the farm animals. They can also have a tractor ride, pony ride or a go on the jumping castle. Perfect for working all that chocolate egg induced sugar-rush off.


Cape Town

The Green Point Urban Park is an amazing space, so why not take the opportunity to spend some time quality there. It has many different landscaped sections to hide cleverly hide the eggs in. There are benches all over the park for adults to sit down on while the kids gallivant.

De Waal Park is a popular venue for events and parties of all kinds and the kids play section makes it all the more desirable for an Easter egg hunt party. After all the eggs are found, lie on the grass and enjoy dog-watching while the kids work off their energy on the jungle gyms and swings. Make sure the kids find the eggs before one the dogs do!

Newlands Forest is a peaceful spot to have a joint Easter egg hunt and braai (in the designated braai and picnic areas). Enjoy sitting under the pine trees while the kids are on the search.


Happy hunting!

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  3. And we spend the Easter feast at home, gather with the whole family, hide the eggs from the children and after lunch they start looking for them

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