Cape Town’s First Luxury Dog Hotel


It’s no secret – Cape Tonians are a little dog-obsessive. Yanic Klue, well-established designer and founder of the brand ‘Afritz’ is taking canine care to the next level with his five-star, dog-exclusive luxury hotel.

While it’s always fun to take your pets along with you on your holiday – they do need a break from protecting the family from time-to-time. Afritz Dog Hotel is no ordinary kennel for dogs but provides around the clock care to ensure your pooch is happy, healthy and comfortable. Owners who suffer from separation anxiety can check in to see how their beloved animal is settling in with an on-site webcam.

When picturing such an establishment, one may envision dogs being taken on walks and fed nutritious meals. While this does form part of the programme, at the hotel your pets are treated to so much more than that. Having been designed by the acclaimed architect and self-proclaimed dog lover, Greg Viljoen designed the hotel with dogs in mind. It is his belief that pets are our ‘fur children, siblings and loved ones’ who deserve only the very best.  They too deserve a tranquil break after their hard year’s work of looking after your family, providing unconditional love, and yes, chasing after that next door neighbour’s cat.

What can dog guests expect during their stay at the Afritz Hotel? Pampering and spa treatments that are bound to ease up your pooches’ tense muscles as well as ‘pet-icures’ to clean and prettify those dirty paws and claws. Meal times are a social occasion where your pooch will socialise with like-minded dogs while dining on gourmet meals from the a la carte meals. These dishes are not your stock-standard dry pellets and husky tin food, but cuisine that caters to dietary needs and different tastes.

Exercise is also on the agenda at the Afritz Hotel, where dogs are taken on 45-minute walks to work off those sizeable meals! Professional walkers will take them to the park, where they’ll be able to run, play around and bark at squirrels in trees. Afterward, a mid-afternoon nap at one of the luxury suites is in order before getting ready for a sit-down dinner. Guests who are looking to wind down after supper  can do so with the post-dinner entertainment  activity – themed movie nights. For those midnight hunger pangs, your pooch can nibble on treats at the snack bar.

If you’re looking to spoil your dog with a Christmas treat, a stay at this prestigious hotel will keep you in good stead! Be rest assured in knowing that while you are holidaying, your pooch is having the time of his life too!

Found throughout the Western Cape are various pet-friendly holiday establishments, dog-centric parks and restaurants that allow for your four-legged friends to nibble on scraps while you dine with your friends or family.

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