GoPro video of Kama the surfing pig


Who remembers Kama the surfing pig? Kama is the unofficial mascot of Sandy Beach in Hawaii, and he loves to hang ten in his free time. Watch him hitting the surf with with this GoPro footage!

GoPro pig

Kama was adopted by his owner, Kai Holt, when he wandered into Kai’s tent during a camping trip as a tiny orphaned piglet. After discovering that Kama loved to swim, Kai began taking him to the beach and soon discovered that he loved to surf too!

According to Kai, Kama’s favorite waves are “Hawaiian Style,” which usually range from 3-4 feet. Apparently Kama has some serious technique and when he starts to pearl he automatically shifts his weight back on the board.

Watch him in action here:

Though you might not be lucky enough to have your own  surfing pig, if you’re a surfing enthusiast, check out these top surfing locations around SA:

Happy surfing!

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