A Guide To Durban’s Best Sunset Hotspots

durban sunset

While the arrival of winter means getting home from work in darkness for most South Africans, Durban is one of those lucky cities which gets minimally affected by the changing of the seasons. Although Durbanites may don a light jersey from time-to-time, the temperature remains warm enough to continue to enjoy a myriad of outdoor activities.

If you like nothing better than watching the sunset while on the beach, exercising on the promenade, or dining at a beachside restaurant; here are Durban’s hotspots.


Wilson’s Wharf

wilsons warf

Wilson’s Wharf, located on the Durban Victoria Embankment, is a trendy destination for locals (and tourists) for after-work drinks, fine dining, or simply perusing the many craft stalls.

In between the hubbub of social activity, visitors should take in the surrounds of the boating marina especially at dusk. Marvel at the sun setting on the bay, followed by enchanting reflections of the Durban city lights reflecting off the harbour waters.

Durban Millennial Tower


The Durban Millenial Tower is a sophisticated , ultra-modern building which stands 75-meters above the city.

At night, the tower lights up in order to guide vessels back  to the Durban Port – certainly a mesmerising view as the landmark is a brilliant array of effervescent light and colour.

Visits up to the top of the tower are restricted to in-personal. Those who wish to see the Durban Millenial Tower transition from an ordinary building during the day to something quite extraordinary at night can visit Bluff Beach for a full view. Not only will you get to see this landmark in all its splendour, but you’ll also get to see the sun setting over the ocean, and the city lights from a distance.

Durban Botanical Gardens


The botanical gardens in Durban are one of the oldest and best maintained public institutions in South Africa. The gardens are enjoyed by everyone both young and old. Visits here are both beautiful and enchanting, with couples lazing about on the lawns, families enjoying quality time outside, and pet owners take their dogs on walks.

Sunset picnics are a common pastime among the locals, especially during the holiday season. Bring out the blankets, pop open the champagne and lie on the grass while watching the day slowly transitions into night.

Durban’s Rooftop Garden


As the name suggests, the Durban Rooftop Garden is located on top of a building at the heart of the city.

The vegetable gardens  grown here (which are kept in an immaculate condition)  are used to feed the city’s homeless. This initiative started humbly and is now considered an ‘eco-marvel’.

Visits here won’t just grant you a bird’s eye view of the city, but will grant you access to the expansive gardens.

Point Waterfront

Formerly a run-down precinct, Point Waterfront is set to become a major tourist attraction.

Those who visit can enjoy drinks and a gourmet meal in lavish surrounds, while in full view of the waterfront.

Enjoy sundowners with friends or a loved one while marvelling at the setting of the sun over the bay.

Golden Mile

durban mile

Durban’s ‘Golden Mile’ or just ‘mile’ is a popular stretch of beachfront, which includes a promenade for beach-goers to walk along.

It is one of the city’s key attractions and sees both locals and tourists taking evening strolls, enjoy beverages at the open-aired restaurants, or simply relaxing on the sand.

Locals will tell you that if you’re looking for the best sunset hot stop in Durban, then a visit to the Golden Mile at dusk is a must-do.

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