Places To See The Snow This Winter

Matroosberg snow
While many have only dreamt of experiencing a white wonderland, there are places in South Africa where one can go see the snow.

These areas will have you making snow angels with the kids, skiing, or embarking on mountainous hikes to reach snow-capped peaks.

Matroosberg Nature Reserve


The first snow of 2016 has already fallen, with the Matroosberg summit blanketed in the white stuff over the Easter weekend.

Being a 2-hour drive from the Mother City means that Cape Tonians don’t have travel far to reach the reserve; so fill up on petrol, charge your cameras, and enjoy wintery days outside with the family.

Barkly East

barkley east

Barkly East is home to Tiffindel, the destination of the only ski and snowboarding resort in South Africa.

While Tiffindel can be visited year-round, the resort is covered in fake snow, the area receives around 100mm of snow each year. So, if you’re looking to throw snowballs at one another, or toboggan, Tiffendal makes for a perfect, family winter getaway.



While the Eastern Cape village of Hogsback is lovely to visit year-round, it becomes especially enchanting during the colder months.  The mountains are capped in snow throughout winter, and the town itself receives a light dusting of flakes and slush.

Visitors to the town are encouraged to layer themselves in warm clothing as the temperatures reach below freezing level. It gets so cold that the snow on the peaks only begins to thaw in January.



The hot, dusty landscape of Cederberg are transformed during the winter, with snow falling on the imposing Cederberg Mountains.

While heavy snowfall is rare, hikes to the Sneeuberg peaks will grant you the opportunity to see, touch, or even taste a couple of snowflakes.

Please note that hikers are advise to climb only between the months of May and September.



With thick snow covering the ground and temperatures that reach – 18 degrees Celsius, a trip to Sutherland grants you an unparalleled winter experience.

What most find remarkable is that Sutherland, a typical dusty Karoo town, emanates the North Pole during winter.

Underberg and Sani Pass


While snow in the Underberg is not a guarantee, it is a great base for 4×4 treks up to Sani Pass, where snowfall is almost a certainty.

With Sani Pass being one of South Africa’s most iconic passes, a drive in a bakkie is certainly rewarding. During the winter, travellers will have the opportunity to see snow until as late as October.

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