Win with Protea Hotel Hluhluwe & Safaris

Protea Hotel Hluhluwe & Safari - Sleeping-OUT competitionAre you longing to immerse yourself in the African bush, but uncomfortable with the idea of camping in the wild? If this is you, the Protea Hotel Hluhluwe & Safaris is just the answer. This luxurious hotel offers all the city ‘extras’ in a peaceful, bush setting.
The hotel is situated in the small town of Hluhluwe on what’s known as KwaZulu Natal’s Elephant Coast. Its location is perfect for people wanting to encounter South Africa’s wild side, as there are numerous wildlife and marine reserves within easy access of the hotel. Among them is the Hluhluwe Mfolozi National Park as well as the St Lucia Wetlands – each a unique asset in its own right.
Through the hotel’s reception desk guests can organise eye-opening game drives as well as excursions like the St Lucia Wetlands boat trips and visits to the Wild Cat Project and Elephant Experiences – you will never get anywhere near these awesome creatures if you confined yourself to a city!
Protea Hotel Hluhluwe & Safaris - Sleeping-OUT competition
Perhaps the best part about the Protea Hotel Hluhluwe & Safaris is coming home after a day of exploring the surrounding attractions. The hotel has a distinctly African vibe with a thatch roof, warm colours and generally African-inspired décor.
The hotel boasts many amenities including a lounge, restaurant and bar, which surround the large swimming pool and look out into the bush. It is a calm and sophisticated ambience and just what one needs to refresh a tired soul. For the physically tired, the bedrooms won’t disappoint either, with a range of options available, all boasting telephones, wifi and satellite television.
Protea Hotel Hluhluwe & Safari - Sleeping-OUT
If you would like to win a 1 night’s bed & breakfast at the Protea Hotel Hluhluwe & Safaris for 2 people, simply tell us in the comments below which excursion you’d most like to go on and why.
Make sure you enter with an active e-mail address and don’t forget to tell us where you are based.

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78 Responses to Win with Protea Hotel Hluhluwe & Safaris

  1. I truly enjoy simply reading all your weblogs. Just wanted to inform you that you’ve got people like me who love your work. Definitely a excellent post. Thumbs up

  2. Raymond Read says:

    My 3 year old son loves wild animals… I would think it would be the greatest adventure he will ever experience if we go on a night drive in hluhluwe reserve as we always out the gate before its too dark by restriction… if he’s too young mom and dad would surely enjoy that just as much!

  3. michelle says:

    My husband and I have visited Hluhluwe and loved it. I would be most interested in the wild cat project. We would a chance to take our young daughter there and share our love for wildlife with her.

  4. michelle says:

    My husband and I have visited Hluhluwe and loved it. We would a chance to take our young daughter there and share our love for wildlife with her. I would be most interested in the wild cat project.

  5. michelle says:

    My husband and I visited Hluhluwe a while back and loved it! we would love a chance to take our young daughter there and share our love for wildlife with her. I would be most interested in the wild cat project.

  6. Sharon says:

    Having a boat trip on the St Lucia Wetlands would be the most wonderful experience for us celebrating our 42nd wedding anniversary. My husband is in remission from advanced colon cancer and winning a trip like this would be such a treat as we are pensioners living in Cape Town and have never stayed in a hotel for a holiday.

  7. Carin Jansen van Vuuren says:

    I am a music student from Pretoria and I usually “paint” nature with the sound of my violin – following all the incredible emotions that I feel when looking at our wonderful world. To get out of my practise room and experience the wild cats, elephants or the wetlands first hand would be a once in a lifetime dream come true!

  8. Lynn Botha says:

    Definately the Elephant Experiences. I’m based in Cape town 🙂

  9. Lavas says:

    The marine reserve, I went to Christine Protea FS experience the wildlife, I would love to experience the KZN, am situated in Bloemfontein. The 27 April 2014 is my anniversary.

  10. Michelle says:

    I am in CPT but my fav would be visits to the Wild Cat Project … I am such a feline fanatic!!

  11. mpho says:

    I’m marketing Director of Aatlegano Tourism And Ttravelling pty ltd, winning this compatition it will not benefit myself only but to both ours, as I’m organising accommodation for tourist national and international , after seeing the place i will be selling it to my client. And it seems as dream holiday that you will never want to leave,

  12. Dali Maxwell Ndlovu says:

    I would love to go out Gauteng JHB and experience the nuture of origins with no car noises and see less lights that prevent us to see the stars and moon.

  13. Michelle says:

    Having never been to Hluhluwe before – we have done just that- as a special pre-birthday treat for myself – and its is awesome! There is a stunning variety of things to do – and not possible to do it all in the short day we had. The Elephant Experience is top of my list – they are such special creatures and the encounter was fully booked- my whole family was devastated and I was particularly disappointed……We met a family who had just been – they really raved about the experience and made us so jealous with their photos…..will have to go back one day and try again….BTW – we were fortunate enough to do the Wild Cat Experience – and got to touch a cheetah and serval – it is truly one of the most magical experiences of my life and I can highly recommend this to everyone and anyone going to Hluhluwe – you will be amazed.
    Swaziland based

  14. Ronalda Lucas says:

    I am an educator at a Special School in Gauteng. I would love to take 5 Special needs learners to the wetlands. I know they would love to experience the wildlife. These learners are indigent and many of them would never be able to share this valuable life experience. Any accommodation would be appreciated, and not necessarily the Luxury suites. Please consider our request. Thanking you kindly.

  15. Sundrie Govender says:

    I would love to win this competition since its my husbands birthday next month. He is crazy about the wild life. always talks about hiking in the bush. It will be a dream come true for him.

  16. Pamela Nqayi says:

    I would love to go on this trip, plus its going to be my hubby’s birthday soon. This would be a lovely time to go away because we couldnt go away in December because of financial dificulties and to top it all of we have a baby on the way. We usually go away but have never been on a Safari or out door accomodation, it would be a lovely experience.

  17. Lauren Ditchfield says:

    I would really love to get away with my daughter and relax in this lovely hotel. Neither of us have been to the St. Lucia Wetlands and this would be a wonderful opportunity for us to experience the boat trips and visit the Wild Cat Project and have an Elephant Experience.

    Thank you for this wonderful competition.
    Lauren Ditchfield

  18. Elma Seymore-Smith says:

    Once an African child, ALWAYS an African child.

    I love the bush. I love the ocean. I love our wild animals. I love Africa.
    I am one of the very fortunate ones to have visited a few game reserves, experienced game drives, visited a few KZN beached because of the nature of my work, arranging conferences, etc.

    I have never been to Hluhluwe and will truly love the experience.

  19. YURASHA NAIDOO says:

    I have never been on a safari excursion and would love to experience this for the 1st time, especially at the spectacular Protea Hluhluwe Hotel. We have unfortunately had a bad year since June 2013 and this holiday would be a great relief for us. really excited

  20. By the way, to go out with the landrover, look at the birds and sit at the I think its the yamite dam was stunning, and watching the hippos in the dam aswell

  21. We’ve been there for our honeymoon 43 years ago and would just LOVE to go again in the more luxurious accomondation

  22. Bahedile Motsatse says:

    My hubby & I love travelling very much. We love the outdoors but haven’t been to a game reserve. If we could the trip I will surprise him because he’s only been to KZN once. Thank you in advance I’ll start packing 🙂

  23. Mpho Senosi says:

    I would really like to win a holiday, when I was still at school they used to have a trip to the to the game reserve my elder sister and brother went but when it was my turn my mom could not afford as she was the only bread winner to her children and her parents. She promised that when things are better she will pay for my trip, but things never got better as my grand parents were pensioners and then my aunt passed on so my mom had to provide for them. She had her parents, the 3 of us and my aunt’s 4 children to look after at the salary of a single mother, so the promise to pay for me was never an option. I grew and promised my self that I will take my self as soon as I start working, 1 year down the line on my job my grandmother passed on, then 3 month after that my mom passed on, so I had to take my mom’s responsibility and look after my younger brother, my son and my aunt’s kids that my mom was looking for. With that too much pressure I still promised myself that I will go on a trip, I hoped that I will meet a boyfriend who will plan with me to go unfortunately most of the guy I meet where not into going out as I’m. I wish I can win this trip for me and my boyfriend who is from unfortunate background as me.

  24. Augustinus Makhasane says:

    My name is Augustinus. Me and my wife likes traveling and would love to have experiment atmosphere at Protea Hotel Hluhluwe & Safaris.

  25. Farieda Toyer says:

    My name is Farieda and I would love to win this prize. Me and my husband would love the experience of the Hluhluwe Mfolozi National Park. We’re from Cape Town and have never been on a holiday since we got married. This would be a lovely 15th anniversary getaway for us.

    • Lungile Gabela says:

      My Name is Lungile and I would love to win this prize. My partner’s birthday is coming soon and I would love to surprise him with the experience of the Hluhluwe Mfolozi National Park. We’re from Pretoria and have never been on a holiday since we’ve been together. This would be a lovely birthday present. He is a hard working man, loving and a provider for his children and I believe he deserved to be spoiled, as good man are hard to find and when you are, one of the luckiest lady, you need to appreciate him and this would be a nice way to show him how much he is appreciated for being a good man to me and the best father to his children.

  26. Frikkie Dippenaar says:

    My wife and me travels a lot all around in the country and do our best to experience our nature and wildlife. The only time we were in the Hluhluwe was with our honeymoon during April 2000. So it is about time to go there again. We are from Bloemfontein.

  27. Frikkie Dippenaar says:

    Im from Bloemfontein. The last time my wife and me was in Hluhluwe was in April 2000 with our honeymoon. It is about time to go there again and to experience the nature and surroundings again.

  28. Paul Asrie says:

    I am always amazed at the wildlife but am extremely grateful when I see initiatives to protect them and in most cases at personal sacrifice and cost. I travel quite often and have never experienced a stay at any of the Protea hotels.This would be a great start especially with the opportunity to get up close to the Wild Cat Project and Elephant Experiences.

  29. Chantelle says:

    Definitely the Wild Cat Project.
    I am crazy about cats and to get so close to these amazing creatures would be a dream come true!!!

  30. Colleen Eray says:

    Hello! Thank you for the opportunity to try and win a stay at the awesome looking Protea Hluhluwe Hotel!
    I have just had the shock of my life, had a cardiac emergency 5 weeks ago and had to have Triple Bypass heart surgery. What a wake up call! as I am a fit and (so I thought !) healthy 60 year old happily married woman!
    I am so Grateful for this second chance I have been given! What a wonderful way it would be to say ‘Thank-you’ to my beloved husband of 40 years, for his nursing and caring for me during this life changing event, to win this trip..
    My husband is an avid wild life lover, what a thrill to experience the Wild life excursions offered by Protea Hluhluwe. Our budget usually only allows us only to camp closer to home, so the luxury of The Protea Hluhluwe, for me, would be wonderful too. 🙂

  31. Peter Scott says:

    Based in Benoni we watch the planes taking off from O R Thambo to all sorts of exotic destinations. The envy can be overpowering at times.
    A boat trip on the St Lucia Wetlands, sounds like a great place to relax, with just the call of the fish eagle to bring you back to reality.
    With Durban airport, now just down the road, it’s an achievable destination!

  32. Phindile Shabalala says:

    Would loveeeee to win and to experinece the wildlife of the one of most beautiful places in KZN.
    Durban Based.

  33. Xolile Dube says:

    Wow! Breath taking and refreshing… I would love to experience the beauty of wild life and getting away from the poluted air of JHB. I am based in Johannesburg.

  34. liane says:

    I would love to go on the St.Lucia Wetlands boat trip excursion. My son had to do a project on the wetland for his tourism class, It would be great to take him there,

  35. Tish Smit says:

    Being near St Lucia Wetlands is a big thumbs up to me as I went there when I was younger with family and my husband has never experienced the St Lucia area. Have tried on numerouse ocations to get there but afordable accomodation has always been difficult to get as I leave it too late. Also we had our honeymoon in Mfolozi 15years ago and hubby LOVED it, so we can do a reunion!!!

  36. Freddy says:

    My wife and I never had opportunity for our honeymoon.It will be a good time for our outing.We have been contemplating on going out to view God created nature but due to tight budget we were unable. Wow!This will be our best time to move out of Germiston in Gauteng to the coastlands.

  37. Alfred prince says:

    This is an epic destination, a true breakaway for anyone who believes they deserve it. To meet with wonderful caring staff and management and share their knowledge and captivating God’s awesomeness…

  38. Bridgit says:

    I would love the opportunity to experience the Wild Cat project. I think wild cats are the most beautiful creatures and it would be awesome to see them close up. I’m based in Pietermaritzburg. *holding thumbs* 🙂

  39. Hannatjie says:

    Dit klink en lyk na ‘n wonderlike vakansie

  40. Maureen says:

    We would love to get away from the city life and enjoy the wonders of the wild that God has created. Would love to be given the opportunity to stay at The Protea-Hotel-Hluhluwe-Safaris because it looks like an awesome place to stay even if it is for only one night.
    Durban Based

  41. Janine Rudwick says:

    Would love to do the St Lucia wetlands boat trip and Elephant experience. We just love to be out in nature!!! (Based in Springs, East Rand)

  42. Chantelle says:

    Definitely the Wil Cat Project.
    I am crazy about cats and to get so close to these amazing creatures would be a dream come true!!!

  43. Mary James says:

    The wilderness and wildlife feeds my soul. I last spent time in Imfolozi 40 years ago, and would love to have the chance to visit the area again.

  44. Petunia says:

    This place looks truly exotic and priceless, a definite much needed place to get away from the busy hub called Joburg. I’m fully sold and my breathe taken away, with my very creative imagination, I already see myself there 🙂

  45. Anneke Rossouw says:

    We love the outdoors especially my son of 9 years! The other day he said that he don’t want a dog for his birthday but rather a elephant! We love wildlife and heard the safaris in Hluhluwe are amazing. We usually go to the sea for our vacations, but after seeing the pictures of Protea Hotel Hluhluwe Safaris it is a must do on our list.

  46. ASHIKA says:

    hi my name is Ashika it will be the best experience ever if i win and want to experience wild life and the elephants i live in chatsworth KZN

  47. Mohammed Wadvalla says:

    With the escelating cost on everything and the Hustle and Bustle of City Life My Partner and I would Like to getaway to Unwind from the Stress of everyday Life.It would be awesome to Visit the Wild Cat Project and Elephant Experience. (Based in Secunda)

  48. Ly-anne Davies says:

    Only Protea Hluhluwe Safaris, can guarantee a sense of harmony and bringing me at peace with myself and the world. My urgent need and desire would be to get out of the huzzle and buzzle even if it were just for one day, to experience the tranquility of God’s wonders projected in the Hluhluwe game reserve, connecting with the wilderness would allow me to live in the flow of a meaningful life even if it were just for a moment, embracing the magical state of connectedness, liberating my heart of that with i have never dreamt to experience though my spirit so deeply desires the reconnection with mother nature. To win this will be my first and a lasting connection.

  49. boitumelo says:

    i live in pretoria and there are not a lot of places where you can experience the wilderness, at age 32 i have only been once in my life to a place like that and its an experience i will never forget. we only get to see animals on national geographic channel lol and to really see them up close would be an experience not to forget.

  50. khumbu says:

    It’s our Honeymoon plans for june and I would really want it to be special. We have been waiting for this time for so long to be honest . we loves wildlife

  51. Charne Oosthuizen says:

    I have never been part of a game experience and would love all the different activities. I would love anything with animals. My husband and I need a break-away for our anniversary as our kids are now old enough to have a sleep-over at grans house.
    We stay in Boksburg

  52. Would love the chance to be part of the elephant experience and wild cat project. So close to nature assisting without disrupting it!

  53. Joeline Francis says:

    Being a city girl, I love the fact that one can experience the “wildness of Africa” whilst basking in the “luxury and warmth” of a fabulous Hotel. This for me would be spoil of note – the best of both worlds!

  54. Monica Durgapersad says:

    It’s my husband’s birthday soon and I would really love to spoil him. We have had a bad start for this year and haven’t been on holiday in a long time. He loves wildlife and Hluhluwe will be the ideal destination for us…

  55. Jenny says:

    From Gauteng Central- I’ll just be honest, with no money to spare it’s been far too long since i’ve been anywhere where i can just recharge my mind and soul. Looking at all the accommodation venues .. seeing myself there in my minds eye, i feel a strange sort of awe, which i can not at all describe. When receiving your ever so lovely e-mail, i allow myself an hour or so just to dream while browsing from one accommodation to another … Always looking forward to your mail …

  56. ane says:

    the protea hotel hluhluwe safaris,because i would like a quit time i love spending time with my family and for me is to enjoy a peaceful time away just to relax and meditated yourself and to feel at home where ever you go

  57. Ansuya Pillay says:

    I would love to experience this exciting holiday, truly South African. It shows off of our natural beauties, that is god given. No words can compare!!

  58. Abraham Joseph says:

    I would love to enjoy the Hluhluwe Game Reserve. It’s been a long long time since I was in Hluhluwe enjoying holidays as a little boy. I grew up in KZN now living in Cape Town.

  59. Annie Pillay says:

    I donot mind either option.
    I love wild life and support the need to preserve their enviroments.
    I go to Kruger National Park annually and enjoy the sereness and beauty and the animals.
    Its breathtaking and peaceful.
    I think either option would be worth winning to allow one to unwind and appreciate the natural life.

  60. ISHARA says:


  61. Jeanette says:

    We are close to the Kruger Park, but I would love to see the animals close and experience of the luxury Protea Hotel Hluhluwe & Safaris

  62. Karen says:

    I would love to go back to my place of birth! It’s been 10years since I’ve been anywhere near that area and it still holds a special place in my heart! Now living in Cape Town which has some amazing views as well but would love to experience the St Lucia Wetlands again!

  63. Frikkie Marais says:

    as i am hearing disabled, i took every change to escape from the city, people and traffic. me and my wife are cat lovers (got five as our children) and would love to be part of and visit the wild cat project – dream came true wish.

    have a animal loved day and keep up all the splendid work.

  64. shernal pillay says:

    I would love to go for the wild cat project. Love wildlife and heard the safaris in Hluhluwe are awesome . I am sure it would be an unforgetable experience for myself and my husband. If we do enjoy this experience it will be our yearly holiday destination.

  65. RAVEEN says:

    That experience would be awesome.

  66. Tshidi says:

    This is what i`ve been dreaming since i was a girl,i would love to see this as i was growing in a rural area.

  67. David Barton says:

    The St Lucia Wetlands and boat trips are for us, I grew up in Richards Bay as a youngster and attended schools in Arboretum as well as in Meerensee. It was my dream then to become a Game Ranger, we stayed may weekends in both Hluhluwe and Umfolozi Game Reserves. When I left school, we lived in Cape town and I had no means of getting back or starting a job there, all interviews were for Nature reserves. My wife and I are both lovers of Fauna and Flora.

  68. Cheryl Bisschoff says:

    This is something I would realy like to give to my nieces while we are still around. They have always to go into the wilds to do something different. I think this would even top the previous holiday of lifetime and it is not something we would be able to afford now that my husband goes on retirement in May 2014.

  69. Liz Stoltz says:

    My hubby has never been to any place in the Cape. It is a plan we have set out to do, just don’t know when. I have been to Cape Town and Bloubergstrand so in all honesty I have also never really experienced the true Cape. It is a future goal of ours to travel through it someday.

  70. Christa Botha says:

    I forgot to mention that my son and daughter-in-law live in Hilton in KZN.

  71. Christa Botha says:

    It is both my son and daughter-in-law’s birthdays on the 1st June 2014 and I would LOVE to win this prize for them as a birthday gift, as I am not in the position to buy them this type of holiday gift! They are besotted on wild life and this would be the BEST gift to them ever! I am sure that they would even book extra nights. They love game drives, would love to visit the St Lucia Wetland and they would appreciate the luxury of the Protea Hotel Hluhluwe. They both have very stressful occupations and absolutely deserve this type of holiday and accommodation.

  72. Pat (Edenvale) says:

    I would love to go on the St.Lucia Wetlands boat trip excursion. I have heard it is interesting,educational,and an outdoor experience of note for the eco-tourist, like me. I can imagine sitting back and viewing crocs and hippos from the boat.

  73. Me and my wife are from Namibia but my wife has never seen a elephant and a rhino, it would be very awesome if we can win this one. The place DECOR looks very good and swimming very nice. we will enjoy all this.
    Game Drive, WiFi, TV
    If we win the one night then we will booked additional 4 nights. I hope to hear from you soon.

  74. Anneke Van Den Berg says:

    It is amazing what is done to preserve the area and wetlands. My son is crazy about elephants and wildlife and he is only 5 years old. It would mean so much to him to experience what an elephant looks like up close and personal. It would also give us to the chance to experience this together for the first time.
    Mpumalanga based – Ga-nala (55km from Emalahleni (previously Witbank).

  75. Bonita stevens says:

    Would love the chance to be part of the elephant experience and wild cat project. I Would love to give my son the opportunity to interact with these magnificent creatures!
    Joburg based

  76. The Wild Cat Project and Elephant Experiences sounds awesome. I think by far this is the one we (my husband and I) would love to win as we have never been to a game lodge or seen the large cats or elephants other than on TV

    • Ben Enslin says:

      Wow, The Wild Cat and Elephant Experiences are the most appealing to us, just because of their Majestic elegance alone, their beauty and strength is absolutely awesome. Captivating and timeless.

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