Where Would Celebs Stay if they came to Africa?

celebrity holidaysWith money to burn and highly publicised preferences (some more than others), celebrities can afford to get exactly what they want when it comes to holiday accommodation, so what do we have to offer? Hypothesising a little about what certain celebs may want from a vacation is a fun exercise, and we’re glad to announce that we think South and Southern Africa in general have such a broad range of destinations and accommodation options that even the richest and pickiest celebs will be satisfied.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Notoriously demanding, Kanye West in particular has out-of-this-world expectations to be met. This couple is definitely looking for a spot that can provide all the bells and whistles and then some. Enter O on Kloof Boutique Hotel and Spa, with its chic and modern decor, excellent position and great facilities.

O on Kloof Boutique Hotel

O on Kloof Boutique Hotel & Spa

Situated on the Atlantic Seaboard, in Cape Town, South Africa’s most beautiful city, it is easy to get to just about anywhere from here, be it the bustling CBD or the fancy-pants restaurants along the Camps bay beach front.It is small, so can be booked out in its entirety to provide a smart home from home, and apart from the sea views, there is a spa, an indoor pool and numerous other amenities.

Brad Pitt and Angeline Jolie

On the opposite end of the scale we have Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, a seemingly down-to-earth couple. They have spent plenty of time in Africa already and have both proved themselves to be adventurous and appreciative of the simple things. Also noteworthy is their large brood, and bearing these factors in mind, we think the Daghatane Beach Estate in Inhambane, Mozambique is a good fit.

Daghatane Beach Estate

Daghatane Beach Estate

Daghatane is set in a secluded spot on the coast, 30 kilometres from the town of Inhambane, which is easily accessible and will provide a good dose of culture for the family. The setting is beautiful and there is plenty to do, from scuba diving, surfing to snorkelling and hanging out on the beach – perfect for a family beach holiday.

Lady Gaga

Pop queen with a decidedly eccentric image, we think Gaga would probably appreciate accommodation that’s a bit off-the-wall and brimming with attitude – a bit like her. A city like Johannesburg will provide the energetic vibe while its myriad nooks and secret spots provide the quirk someone like Lady Gaga would appreciate. Within the city, the 12 Decades Art Hotel provides just the sort of accommodation that would suit someone who appreciates the off-beat side of life.

12 Decades Art Hotel Urban - Hip Hotels

12 Decades Art Hotel Urban – Hip Hotels

A true art hotel, the concept of the space follows an abstract theme, and whether you discover it or not, you’ll enjoy the trendy and unique design. Furthermore, it is situated in the Maboneng region of Johannesburg – a rapidly gentrifying neighbourhood busting with creative spirit.

Jennifer Aniston

Jen is often painted as the girl next door – classy with loads of integrity and not nearly as demanding as some of her celeb peers! She seems like a woman who appreciates a soul-enriching setting and based on the frequent snaps of her near the sea, we reckon Cape Town is the South African city for her, and the 12 Apostles Hotel and Spa has the accommodation perfect for her.

12 Apostles Hotel and Spa

12 Apostles Hotel and Spa

The 12 Apostles Hotel is nestled between ocean and mountain on the far southern side of Camps Bay in Cape Town. It is simple and sophisticated with both sea and mountain views, luxurious suites and is close to all of Cape Town’s best attractions.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron is a woman after our heart, with her humility and sense of adventure. For her we’d recommend getting out of the cities for a postcard-worthy African adventure. Tuli Game Reserve, in Eastern Botswana is very rural, and very ‘African’, with it’s wealth of wildlife and savanna-type vegetation. We suspect the Tuli Wilderness Camp will offer this adventurer just the sort of escapade that will satisfy her!

Tuli Wlderness Camp

Tuli Wilderness Camp

The Tuli Wilderness Camp is a humble owner-run establishment which places a big emphasis on conservation. The accommodation is rustic but comfortable and the activities on offer are truly special – picture walking through the African bush following elephants or rhinos for example.

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  1. Any Protea hotel situated in the most exquisite settings aall over South Africa. Wonderful and comfortable accommdation, delicious meals. Always an incredible and most relaxing getaway experience
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  2. LEON says:

    Celebs would stay at th Protea Hotel.

    From Randburg, Johannesburg

  3. Janet Cook says:

    Daghatane Beach Estate in Inhambane, Mozambique

  4. The Protea Hotel occupies a waterfront position overlooking Saldanha Bay

    Celebs would stay at th Protea Hotel.

    I Reside in Beyerspark, Boksburg, Gauteng

    V Blignaut
    074 941 2318

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