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Child Friendly Accommodation around South Africa

child friendly accommodationAs any parent will tell you, travelling with children is both a joy and at times, a trial. There are few things which are comparable to carrying off a successful family-holiday (here are some more tips for travelling with children), one where everyone is relaxed, entertained and enjoying each other’s company, but sometimes this can be quite a feat to achieve, especially when trying to reconcile the needs of each person. (more…)

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Tips for Finding Pet Friendly Accommodation in South Africa

dog friendly accommodationAs anyone with a pet will know, within a short space of time the domestic animals in our lives become part of the family. We bond with them on an emotional level, sometimes so much so that leaving them behind while we go on holiday is unthinkable. In which case pet friendly accommodation be it dog friendly accommodation, cat friendly accommodation or both, becomes vital! (more…)

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