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Travelling safely over the Festive season

South Africa has exceptionally high levels of road accidents, especially during the festive season when South Africans are travelling between cities and, sadly, drink and driving at festive parties.

In addition to the obvious aspects  like obeying the rules of the road, if you’re going to be driving during the festive season, here is a guide to ensuring the safety of you and your family:



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Ten signs you’d love to see on your next road trip

Whether you’re driving from Jo’burg to Durban or Cape Town, road trips can be boring affairs, with long stretches of highways and silence. So a comically ill-thought out or purposefully cheeky road sign can provide just the right light relief to make your journey that much more entertaining. Here are some of our favourites:

This is a familiar sight in South Africa, half of us don’t even know what street we on live any more.



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4 Epic Road Trips in South Africa

South Africa road trip | Sleeping-OUTIn the same way that ‘slow food’ and organic produce is coming back into fashion, so is the concept of slow travel, which embraces the journey rather than focusing solely on the destination. While aeroplanes whisk you seamlessly from point A to point B, road travel puts you at eye-level with the landscape you’re travelling through and gives you time to ponder the scenery (as well as life death and the universe). (more…)

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