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Big attitudes to spot on safari

Spotting one of the more ‘exciting’ animals (basically anything other than buck) is one of the best feelings on safari. So what could be more rewarding than spotting one of the big five? Why, spotting one of the big five with an even bigger attitude!  Have a look at some of these safari hotshots.

elephant car in the way


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Introduction to Kruger Park | The accommodation post

Kruger Park accommodation at Skukuza

Skukuza Rest Camp

So, having had a broad introduction to the Kruger Park (in this post) and where the animals are found and why, we will now look at Kruger Park accommodation. (more…)

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Three of the Best Small Nature Reserves in Gauteng

Suikerbosrand small nature reserve in gauteng

Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve

Gauteng may be synonymous with tall buildings, people in suits and packed motorways, but it has a greener side too. While Gauteng’s reputation as the commercial and business capital of South Africa is definitely earned, that is not the beginning and the end of the story. In fact, Gauteng has a number of easily accessible nature reserves showcasing the best fauna and flora of the region and offering outdoor enthusiasts a respite from bustling city life. Here is the low down on 3 of our best small nature reserves in Gauteng. What they have in common is spectacular scenery and proximity to Joburg and Pretoria. (more…)

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