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Darling Made Me Do It – A Road Trip to Darling

Darling graffiti‘Just where are we headed to now? You do know that we passed the turn-off a good couple of kilometres back?’ These are the words that are inevitably spoken en route to Darling when I’m the designated driver. And they’re usually uttered a few kilometres outside of Malmesbury. It seems that despite (or perhaps because of?) always getting lost on this particular route, it is a firm favourite of mine. (more…)

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South Africa’s Small Town Tour

Matjiesfontein, South Africa


South Africa is a wonderful tourist destination on many levels, offering everything from trendy city jaunts and rough ‘n tumble rural adventures to big 5 safaris. Another thing that South Africa has in abundance though, is small, intriguing towns which make for wonderful weekend escapes. Here are 6 which we deem worthy of a visit. (more…)

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