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Appreciate South Africa’s scenic beauty

Watch this video to reignite your passion for South Africa’s unique beauty.



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8 Things that make us proud to be South African

It’s heritage day and a good time to take a look at what we love about the crazy, wild, beautiful place we all call home. Here are 8 things that have us ‘blessing the rains down in Africa’:

  1. South African Wildlife 



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A Guide to South African Slang Words

Bakkie- South African slangIf you’re visiting South Africa and happen to overhear a conversation that sounds like this: “Howzit china. Eish! Had such a lekker jol last night hey, but yoh I’m  babalas! But don’t worry, I’ll be there just now. Just passing the robots. Aweh bru.” You’d be forgiven for not understanding a word. The thing is, South Africa, like countries all over the world, has a colourful slang repertoire, made even more so by the fact that it encompasses a whole variety of local languages. To make life easier for our overseas visitors, we have compiled a list of the slang words you are most likely to encounter in your travels through South Africa.

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