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Where to celebrate spring in SANpark Week

It’s SANpark Week!
To celebrate spring in our crazy beautiful country, the South African National Parks hold an annual week-long campaign  allowing SA residents freebie access to nearly all 19 national parks.
This year it’s being held from from Monday, 8 to Saturday, 13 September 2014.

Mountain Zebra NP - Landscape - Rainbow and Mountain Zebra


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Father’s Day: Reminiscing on Travels with Dad

campfire on father's day“Catherine WHAT are you doing?” These words uttered in a bemused tone are the soundtrack to almost any travels my dad and I undertake together. And they are usually spoken as I try to assemble a tent or start a fire. The thing is, it seems my dad subscribes to the ‘my way or the highway’ mentality and I have long come to accept that no matter how adept I am at doing something, when it comes to outdoor endeavours, dad’s way is always best, at least for the sake of a harmonious relationship. (more…)

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