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4 Epic Road Trips in South Africa

South Africa road trip | Sleeping-OUTIn the same way that ‘slow food’ and organic produce is coming back into fashion, so is the concept of slow travel, which embraces the journey rather than focusing solely on the destination. While aeroplanes whisk you seamlessly from point A to point B, road travel puts you at eye-level with the landscape you’re travelling through and gives you time to ponder the scenery (as well as life death and the universe). (more…)

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Fair Trade Tourism, Your Key to Responsible Travel

responsible travel: Fair Trade Tourism logoLove them or hate them, bicycles offer a unique form of transport. More efficient than walking, bicycles allow you to get from A to B faster than by foot, but simultaneously ensure that you are very much participating in life as it happens, rather than being blocked off from it in the confines of a car. This is precisely why the AWOL bicycle tours are such a success. Furthermore, they are a fine example of responsible travel and answer the question, What is Fair Trade Tourism? (more…)

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Winter Holidays in South Africa – 4 Places that are best in Winter!

winter destinations in South Africa‘Summer holidays’ is a phrase many of us are familiar with, and while it often conjures up happy images of sun-filled days, beaches and cocktails it doesn’t do much for winter’s reputation. However, winter holidays shouldn’t be cast aside so easily. Apart from many places being just as lovely in winter, some destinations are actually BETTER in Winter! Take these places for example. (more…)

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