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4 Epic Road Trips in South Africa

South Africa road trip | Sleeping-OUTIn the same way that ‘slow food’ and organic produce is coming back into fashion, so is the concept of slow travel, which embraces the journey rather than focusing solely on the destination. While aeroplanes whisk you seamlessly from point A to point B, road travel puts you at eye-level with the landscape you’re travelling through and gives you time to ponder the scenery (as well as life death and the universe). (more…)

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Western Cape Hotspots for you to Try


paternoster beach From a tourist’s perspective, the
Western Cape
province of South Africa is one of the most fabulous destinations, and not least because it’s home to SA’s gay capital, Cape Town. On a jaunt around the Western Cape you can get a taste for wild coastlines, wild parties and wild adventures. Certainly a place worth visiting! But with so much to do and experience, where the heck do you begin? Here are a couple regions to start with to give you a nice rounded experience of what this diverse province has to offer. (more…)

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