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What you need to know before you go travelling this year

So, we’re on the downward slope to the festive season, christmas, new year and for many – their annual holiday. If you’re one of the lucky ones who is travelling this December, here’s a little list of essential ‘rules’ for travelling, learned the hard way!



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6 Common Travel Hazards & How to Avoid Them

smiling girlWhen it comes to travel, there is no doubt that for all the incredible benefits you will experience, you are more than likely putting yourself at some kind of risk. Whether you are going wild camping in Botswana or taking a city break in Johannesburg, you are bound to expose yourself to risks you wouldn’t experience if you stayed home on the couch. That’s if you’re doing it right anyway. (more…)

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5 Top Tips for Travelling with Children

travelling with childrenThere is absolutely no denying that travelling with children is a little more complicated than going it alone or as a couple. However, just because things are a little complicated at times doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be done, right?

With the June/July school holidays coming up in South Africa, many families will be packing up for a bit of adventure and we have some tips to help families with kids under 8 have a great time despite the little bumps in the road. (more…)

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Tips for Finding Pet Friendly Accommodation in South Africa

dog friendly accommodationAs anyone with a pet will know, within a short space of time the domestic animals in our lives become part of the family. We bond with them on an emotional level, sometimes so much so that leaving them behind while we go on holiday is unthinkable. In which case pet friendly accommodation be it dog friendly accommodation, cat friendly accommodation or both, becomes vital! (more…)

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8 Travel Ideas for Seeing the Real South Africa

travel ideas for the real South AfricaWhether you are visiting South Africa or have lived here all your life, there are certain experiences that need to be had in order to appreciate the full flavour of South Africa-ness. Not only is this country jaw-droppingly beautiful, but it has rich contemporary and historical cultural diversity (it’s not just something they say in the tourist brochures, promise!). If you want a taste of the real South Africa, act on these travel ideas ASAP! (more…)

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