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The Eastern Cape: 6 Reasons to Go

Eastern Cape localsSouth Africa, like just about every other place on earth, has associations in our minds which may or may not hold true in reality. For many, things like African safaris, apartheid and Cape Town’s beaches spring to mind. However, there is far more to the country than these things. In fact, thanks to the well-trodden tourist trail which visitors tend to stick to, vast tracts of South Africa miss out on a lot of attention, and the Eastern Cape is one such example. (more…)

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The Transkei: An African Adventure and A Moving Journey

children in the TranskeiSpluttering and coughing, tears streaming, I emerged from the little kitchen hokkie that doubled as gossip central. I do not speak isiXhosa and yet the raised eye-brows, the ‘tuts’, laden with disapproval and the raucous laughter conveyed the nature of the discussions which unfolded within that small smoky dwelling. (more…)

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