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Ideas for Winter Holidays – Accommodation with Jacuzzi Facilities

accommodation with jacuzziWhen June arrives in South Africa, many of us are in need of a mid-year break and a comfy place to spend the winter holidays. Unlike in summer, outdoorsy and beach destinations are often deemed cold and unpleasant in winter. Instead we opt for cosy hideaways or as you should do, plan trips to accommodation with Jacuzzi and spa facilities. After all, a Jacuzzi is not a symbol of luxury for nothing.

For all those looking for winter holiday inspiration, we bring you The Jacuzzi! (more…)

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Winter Holidays in South Africa – 4 Places that are best in Winter!

winter destinations in South Africa‘Summer holidays’ is a phrase many of us are familiar with, and while it often conjures up happy images of sun-filled days, beaches and cocktails it doesn’t do much for winter’s reputation. However, winter holidays shouldn’t be cast aside so easily. Apart from many places being just as lovely in winter, some destinations are actually BETTER in Winter! Take these places for example. (more…)

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