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South Africa’s World Heritage Sites (Part 2)

World Heritage Sites - Cape Floral KingdomLeading on from part 1, we now bring you the last four of South Africa’s eight UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Cape Floral Kingdom – Western Cape – Day Trip
The Cape Floral Kingdom is a roughly 53 000 hectare region stretching from the Western Cape into the Eastern Cape. It is incredibly special because despite only representing 1% of the African continent, it is home to 20% of Africa’s flora. Within the area there are 9000 fynbos species, of which 6200 are endemic! (more…)

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South Africa’s Wealth of World Heritage Sites (Part 1)

World Heritage Sites - Mrs Ples

Mrs Ples was found at the Sterkfontein Caves

South Africa is often lauded for its diversity in all shapes and sizes; its beautiful landscapes and myriad cultural influences. However, did you know that it is home to no fewer than eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites? (more…)

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