Spotlight on Griekwastad: Things to do in this hidden gem

river rapid near GriekwastadFind Griekwastad Accommodation

The crystal clear skies of the Northern Cape are priceless and make for the best stargazing in the country. With the added delights of frequent sightings and sounds of wildlife and birds, it is a must for any nature-lover to visit. Griekwastad’s location is ideal for travellers as it is roughly halfway between Kimberley and Upington.

While accommodation on a farm ensures hiking to your heart’s content and the tranquillity of nature, there are lots of other activities and sites of interest to visit.

Koegelbeen Caves, a South African heritage site is 20km from Griekwastad and can be visited with prior arrangement with the owner. Scientists from all over the world frequently visit these caves as they are an important roosting site for various bat species.
• The Mary Moffat Museum in Griekwastad offers a glimpse of the rich history of the area including the history of David Livingstone and Robert Moffat and of course artefacts from the San people who lived in the area.
Douglas Wine Cellar, located in nearby Douglas, is where a wide variety of table and dessert wines are produced, and visitors are welcomed with open arms. The confluence of the Orange and Vaal Rivers can be viewed near Douglas and the fascinating Glacier Floors, where the markings of ice passing can be seen.
fishing outside Griekwastad
• Outdoor sports like fishing, fly fishing and white river rafting or just enjoying peaceful boat cruises on the river are all fun activities. Horse-riding is also possible at Salem farm.
Witsand Nature Reserve, which is famous for its red sand contrasting with white sand dunes, is northwest of Griekwastad.
• For more sedate activities, try a meal at Proviand restaurant in town, or visit Earth Treasures, a small shop specialising in jewellery and ornaments made from semi-precious stones.

Proviand restaurant in Griekwastad

Proviand restaurant

To truly experience the feel of nature in the Northern Cape, it is ideal to stay in the tranquil and private setting of a guest farm like Koekais and explore from there. This will allow you to enjoy wildlife such as kudu, duiker, steenbok, monkeys, a wide variety of birds with their unique sounds and much more. During the lazy summer evenings, you can do some serious stargazing while enjoying a braai in the lapa with the accompanying sounds of nature at night. This experience is priceless…
This post is courtesy of Koekais Guest Farm, outside Griekwastad.

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