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Explore the Island of Mauritius

Mogador House

Crystal clear waters, white sandy beaches as far as the eye can see, a truly Island life experience awaits you on the beautiful Island of Mauritius. Located off the Shores of East Africa, Mauritius is home to about 1 million Mauritians and thousands of tourists visit each year to experience the pristine views and rich culture of the Island. There is so much you can do while visiting Mauritius, we have listed our favourite things to do and see while on your trip!

If you are looking for accommodation in Mauritius, look no further than Sleeping-OUT, we have many establishments listed with us to help you plan your legend of a holiday! Click here to view some of our finest listings from Flic en Flac to Trou aux Biches, we have you covered for your trip!


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Why Pay for Accommodation when you can Stay For Free?

Free Accommodation South Africa

Why pay for accommodation when you can stay for free? Here are three facts you need to know to get Free Accommodation in South Africa.


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Travelling safely over the Festive season

South Africa has exceptionally high levels of road accidents, especially during the festive season when South Africans are travelling between cities and, sadly, drink and driving at festive parties.

In addition to the obvious aspects  like obeying the rules of the road, if you’re going to be driving during the festive season, here is a guide to ensuring the safety of you and your family:



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Travelling on a South African passport

Jet-setters out there will know, travelling on a South African passport is not the easiest exercise ever. Many countries require visas if you’re South Africa, even for a short stay. The visa process involves a lot of time, planning, paperwork and expense. It’s in fact such a hassle that it may put you off travelling altogether!

But the glass need not be half empty, did you know that there are actually 97 countries around the world that South Africans can travel to without a visa?

Check out this comprehensive list:


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What you need to know before you go travelling this year

So, we’re on the downward slope to the festive season, christmas, new year and for many – their annual holiday. If you’re one of the lucky ones who is travelling this December, here’s a little list of essential ‘rules’ for travelling, learned the hard way!



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Alternative Ways to Experience the Knysna Oyster Festival

Knysna Osyter Festival As you may or may not know, the Knysna Oyster Festival is one of the Garden Route’s most popular festivals, bringing together folks from various corners in a celebration of the rich offerings boasted by this small coastal town. (more…)

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6 Common Travel Hazards & How to Avoid Them

smiling girlWhen it comes to travel, there is no doubt that for all the incredible benefits you will experience, you are more than likely putting yourself at some kind of risk. Whether you are going wild camping in Botswana or taking a city break in Johannesburg, you are bound to expose yourself to risks you wouldn’t experience if you stayed home on the couch. That’s if you’re doing it right anyway. (more…)

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Introduction to Kruger Park | The accommodation post

Kruger Park accommodation at Skukuza

Skukuza Rest Camp

So, having had a broad introduction to the Kruger Park (in this post) and where the animals are found and why, we will now look at Kruger Park accommodation. (more…)

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Game Watching in the Kruger Park – Where to find the animals you want to see.

rhino in the Kruger ParkThe Kruger National Park, a name instantly recognised by anyone vaguely familiar with South Africa. Established in 1926, it is one of South Africa’s premier game reserves as well as one of its largest. The park, not too surprisingly, is home to an enormous diversity of plants and animals – 507 bird species, 336 tree species, 147 mammal species (to name a few) – which in turn draw throngs of visitors every year. (more…)

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5 Top Tips for Travelling with Children

travelling with childrenThere is absolutely no denying that travelling with children is a little more complicated than going it alone or as a couple. However, just because things are a little complicated at times doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be done, right?

With the June/July school holidays coming up in South Africa, many families will be packing up for a bit of adventure and we have some tips to help families with kids under 8 have a great time despite the little bumps in the road. (more…)

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