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Important dates for 2015

Say goodbye to 2014 and hello to 2015!
While we aren’t quite at the point of wearing automated clothing and travelling in flying cars and on hover boards as ‘Back to the future’ predicted we would be, it’s still a pretty exciting time to be alive! To help you better plan your year ahead, here is a handy guide to important dates for 2015:



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Baby Gertjie: Putting a face to the rhino poaching crisis

Baby rhino Gertjie was rescued by the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre after his mother was brutally poached in front of him, leaving him orphaned. He was found crying inconsolably next to her body in an extremely traumatised state.



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What you need to know before you go travelling this year

So, we’re on the downward slope to the festive season, christmas, new year and for many – their annual holiday. If you’re one of the lucky ones who is travelling this December, here’s a little list of essential ‘rules’ for travelling, learned the hard way!



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Your guide to hosting the best braai this National Braai Day


So, it’s Heritage month and in just two weeks we will all be paying tribute to South Africa’s favourite pastime – the braai!

Heritage Day falls on the 24th of September and has been dubbed ‘National Braai Day’, where we all take off work and school and head to our gardens or public braai areas.


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Get ready for a dog friendly day at the beach

Dog Playing At Beach Wallpaper

With Spring on our doorsteps, those of us who live at the coast can’t wait to get back on the beach! Know who loves the beach even more than you do? Your four legged furry best friends! And there is nothing cuter than watching a dog’s absolute joy running unfettered along the beach and frolicking in the sea.


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Are these the most interesting places in South Africa?

They may not be the most interesting places in South Africa but they certainly have the most interesting names. Just as SA is a colourful, quirky place, filled with diverse and quirky people so are some of the towns out there! Here are some of the funniest and strangest town names we could find:



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8 things you’ll only see in Africa


Africa is a pretty crazy place. Some call it a land of ‘extremes’ – extremely rich in resources, extremely poor in money, extremely beautiful and extremely cruel. It is the birthplace of humanity and has the second largest population in the world, at just over one billion people. Here are some of the wild and wonderful things you might see when travelling Africa.




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Creative Inspiration in South African Destinations

creative escapes in South AfricaAs human beings, we are multi-faceted creatures and as such it is not just basic needs like food and shelter which ensure a satisfying existence. Along with relationships with other humans, like friends and family, it is also important that our spiritual and creative selves are fed, so to speak, if we want to live a happy and joyful life. (more…)

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Sleeping-OUT is Hiring

web developer job

Sleeping-OUT is looking for web developers to join its small but dynamic team:

Candidates must have experience with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, ASP, ASP.NET, VB.NET and SQL2008.

It is essential that applicants have their own transport and possess the required tertiary computer qualifications.

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