The V&A Waterfront: One Stop Activity Shop for the School Holidays in Cape Town

flags at the V&A WaterfrontThe winter school holidays are upon us and, given the busy world we live in, many working parents’ brains are ticking over thinking about how to keep their kids entertained for three whole weeks! If you happen to be one such parent, the V&A Waterfront maybe just what you’re looking for…

For those of you unfamiliar with the V&A Waterfront, it is a large shopping complex built next to Cape Town harbour. There is a boat yard where repairs are done and plenty of jetties where you can ogle the yachts. Furthermore, there is a wealth of fun, child-friendly activities in the vicinity – a lot of them indoors rendering them ideal for the wet Cape Town winter. As with any shopping mall, there is also a host of food joints that appeal to small people’s unrefined taste-buds. 😉

Here are the top things to do with children at the V&A Waterfront…

Watch the guys working on the ships. This activity promises lots of sparks as they drill and scrub at the ships. With these types of activities and the vision of a ship out of water come plenty of conversation points.

ship maintenance at v&a waterfront

Visit the aquarium. Spend half a day moseying between the large tanks, watching seaweed swaying and getting far closer than you ever expected to sharks, turtles and other intriguing underwater species.

aquarium @ v&a waterfront

Ride the big wheel. This giant wheel is similar to the London Eye in that it is large enough to give you a decent time in the air and provides a great view of the harbour, the mountain and everything in between!

ferris wheel at night

Feed the seagulls. It’s hard to describe why feeding birds is such an absorbing activity, but arming yourselves with bread crumbs or left over slap chips, ready to distribute them to the local seagull population will set you up to be entertained for a good half hour.


Go to a movie. In cold, wintery weather, movies are often a good, solid choice when it comes to children’s entertainment – especially now that 3d films have taken off! Pick an age-appropriate film, get some popcorn or chocolate and settle in for an hour or two of distraction.


Find some gems at the Scratch Patch. The original Scratch Patch is located in Simon’s Town but the V&A Waterfront location is just as popular these days. Choose the size of the bag you want to fill and head into the ‘cave’ to scratch around among the stones picking out the ones that catch your eye.


Take a tour of the harbour. Provided the weather is good and your kids don’t suffer from motion sickness, going out on a boat ride around the harbour is an exciting adventure for kids and adults alike. Spotting seals makes it even more fun.

harbour tour v&a waterfront

Whether you are a Cape Town local, or visiting with your family, spending a day at the V&A Waterfront will ensure that everyone is happy during the holidays.

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