Why Pay for Accommodation when you can Stay For Free?

Free Accommodation South Africa

Why pay for accommodation when you can stay for free? Here are three facts you need to know to get Free Accommodation in South Africa.

1. Sleeping-OUT refunds 10% of bookings at hundreds of establishments across South Africa.

2. These include every type of establishment from Guest Houses and Hotels, to B&Bs, Apartments and Self Catering Cottages and they’re located all over the country.

3. In 2015 66% of guests never claimed their refund and it passed on to the next booking. This means that statistically, the chances of your booking being fully refunded are approximately 1 in 3!

Click here to read about this incredible promotion and see the hundreds of guests who are getting their accommodation for free across South Africa.

Click here to see our Hall of Fame where we introduce you to guests who have been refunded tens of thousands of Rands and meet another lady who has won Free Accommodation more than 15 times so far.

Are you travelling down from Johannesburg to Cape Town by road and want to stop overnight on the way? Toverburg Guest House in Colesberg has had 31 Free Accommodation winners so far. Rose Cottage at Gariep Dam has had 29 winners. Guests who booked at Abalone Lodges in Knysna have had over R50,000 refunded to them.

How do people really get Free Accommodation?

It’s really simple:

1. We approached establishments across South Africa and said we would move them up to the top of our search results if they donated 10% of every booking to our Free Accommodation Fund. These are called Participating Establishments and have the Free Accommodation Logo on their listing.

2. We then have an algorithm that randomly selects every 10th booking (on average) and refunds the guest their entire booking fee from this Fund.

What we have discovered however, is that approximately 66% of guests don’t believe it when they are told they have won. When refunds are unclaimed, they are passed on to the next guest. This has resulted in a situation where approximately 1 in 3 guests who claim their refund get their entire booking paid for.

To be eligible for a refund is easy. Just rate the establishment when you receive the email after your stay. This generates the automatic calculation that decides if you are a winner.

We have paid out over R3 Million in Free Accommodation so far. Our Free Accommodation Program landed on both TV (SABC) and Radio. Search now for accommodation and look for the Free Accommodation logo:

Free Accommodation Logo

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