Incredible footage of Cape Town sharks


Footage by American videographer Eric Cheng of Cape Town, as viewed from the air, makes for some awe-inspiring viewing!

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8 of the spookiest places in South Africa

Halloween is just around the corner and who doesn’t like a good spooky story? South Africa has it’s own fair few tales of the weird and wonderful, so here is a round up of some of the creepiest places out there – ghost hunters take note!


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Celebrate the festive season in Stellenbosch

The beautiful town of Stellenbosch, just 45 minutes from Cape Town, is playing host to ‘The Stellenbosch Experience’, from October right up until the end of December with a line up of events that will have locals and holidaymakers alike in just the right mood for the festive season. This year’s itinerary includes live music, food and wine feasts, art exhibitions and Xmas shopping under the stars.

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Take another look at Pretoria

When it comes to exciting destinations around South Africa to visit, Pretoria – or Tshwane as it is officially known –  probably isn’t the first places you’d think of. Our Capital City has a bit of a reputation as a boring town with not much going on, but look again! Pretoria is actually a vibrant city where you can enjoy beautiful scenery, party, take in arts and culture and indulge in fine dining – if you make the effort to look a little further than meets the eye…


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Appreciate South Africa’s scenic beauty

Watch this video to reignite your passion for South Africa’s unique beauty.


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What you need to know before you go travelling this year

So, we’re on the downward slope to the festive season, christmas, new year and for many – their annual holiday. If you’re one of the lucky ones who is travelling this December, here’s a little list of essential ‘rules’ for travelling, learned the hard way!


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8 Things that make us proud to be South African

It’s heritage day and a good time to take a look at what we love about the crazy, wild, beautiful place we all call home. Here are 8 things that have us ‘blessing the rains down in Africa':

  1. South African Wildlife 


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Need some ideas for celebrating National Heritage Day?

Heritage Day was established in 1996 and in a speech by Nelson Mandela, he recognised that South Africa’s rich and varied cultural heritage has a profound power to help build the nation. So let’s celebrate what it means to be South African, who we are, where we come from and most importantly, where we are going!


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11 signs that you desperately need a holiday

It’s getting to that time of year when everyone is starting to feel a little tired and worse for the wear after 9 months of work. Are you in desperate need of a little R&R? The answer is a resounding yes if you identify with most of the following:


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Your guide to hosting the best braai this National Braai Day


So, it’s Heritage month and in just two weeks we will all be paying tribute to South Africa’s favourite pastime – the braai!

Heritage Day falls on the 24th of September and has been dubbed ‘National Braai Day’, where we all take off work and school and head to our gardens or public braai areas.

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