Are these the most interesting places in South Africa?

They may not be the most interesting places in South Africa but they certainly have the most interesting names. Just as SA is a colourful, quirky place, filled with diverse and quirky people so are some of the towns out there! Here are some of the funniest and strangest town names we could find:


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Free Accommodation reaches R2 Million!

It’s official!


The Sleeping- OUT Free Accommodation Programme has reached the 2 Million mark!

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Win a weekend away in the Cederberg

Kagga Kamma is a private game reserve in the untouched wilderness area in the mountainous Cederberg region. The Cederberg is characterised by untouched Karoo-like wide open wilderness, consisting of an array of indigenous wild flowers and animal life scarcely seen in any other parts of South Africa. The landscape and views from the reserve are stunningly picturesque all year round.

Kagga Kamma 16.07 (20)

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You won’t believe what’s happening to our rhinos!

Rhino conservation is a forefront issue globally and in South Africa in particular, where more than 80% of the world’s rhino population currently reside. South African rhinos have been facing an onslaught from poaching syndicates since 2008.


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Big attitudes to spot on safari

Spotting one of the more ‘exciting’ animals (basically anything other than buck) is one of the best feelings on safari. So what could be more rewarding than spotting one of the big five? Why, spotting one of the big five with an even bigger attitude!  Have a look at some of these safari hotshots.

elephant car in the way

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Do something different this Women’s Day

Little known fact, we celebrate Women’s Day on the 9th of August in South Africa to commemorate when women marched together against the pass laws in 1956. In the bigger picture, Women’s Day celebrates the role women have played in building South Africa. Instead of celebrating in the typical way – a languorous lunch or high tea with your girlfriends – why not do something a little different and more in keeping with the spirit of Women’s Day this year?



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8 things that make Bloemfontein cool

What do you actually know about Bloemfontein? Some of you may think of a small dorpie stuck in the 1980′s, bokkies, boerewors and rugby style. But you’d be wrong! Bloemfontein is a growing tourist destination, and has been listed as one of the best South African cities to live in. Here are 8 reasons why:


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Win with Lavender Manor Guest Lodge

Lavender Manor Guest LodgeLavender Manor Guest Lodge is a 4 star luxury guest house in the popular Overberg town of Hermanus. It offers sophisticated accommodation in an intimate and well-appointed space. Furthermore, the lodge is owner-run and promises attentive service and boasts not only a scenic location, but a convenient one too. Continue reading


Ten signs you’d love to see on your next road trip

Whether you’re driving from Jo’burg to Durban or Cape Town, road trips can be boring affairs, with long stretches of highways and silence. So a comically ill-thought out or purposefully cheeky road sign can provide just the right light relief to make your journey that much more entertaining. Here are some of our favourites:

This is a familiar sight in South Africa, half of us don’t even know what street we on live any more.


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