Need some ideas for celebrating National Heritage Day?

Heritage Day was established in 1996 and in a speech by Nelson Mandela, he recognised that South Africa’s rich and varied cultural heritage has a profound power to help build the nation. So let’s celebrate what it means to be South African, who we are, where we come from and most importantly, where we are going!


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11 signs that you desperately need a holiday

It’s getting to that time of year when everyone is starting to feel a little tired and worse for the wear after 9 months of work. Are you in desperate need of a little R&R? The answer is a resounding yes if you identify with most of the following:


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Your guide to hosting the best braai this National Braai Day


So, it’s Heritage month and in just two weeks we will all be paying tribute to South Africa’s favourite pastime – the braai!

Heritage Day falls on the 24th of September and has been dubbed ‘National Braai Day’, where we all take off work and school and head to our gardens or public braai areas.

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Where to celebrate spring in SANpark Week

It’s SANpark Week!
To celebrate spring in our crazy beautiful country, the South African National Parks hold an annual week-long campaign  allowing SA residents freebie access to nearly all 19 national parks.
This year it’s being held from from Monday, 8 to Saturday, 13 September 2014.

Mountain Zebra NP - Landscape - Rainbow and Mountain Zebra

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Get ready for a dog friendly day at the beach

Dog Playing At Beach Wallpaper

With Spring on our doorsteps, those of us who live at the coast can’t wait to get back on the beach! Know who loves the beach even more than you do? Your four legged furry best friends! And there is nothing cuter than watching a dog’s absolute joy running unfettered along the beach and frolicking in the sea.

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Who wants to stay at the Pee Pee Hotel?

If you’ve ever been travelling to exotic locations, you’ll be able to appreciate the weird and wonderful hotel names and signs out there. Here are a few that make a big statement:

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How are you going to welcome in Spring?

Spring Day
is just around the corner!
In South Africa, we recognise the 1st  of September as the first day of spring, though climatologically the actual start of spring is only on the 23rd of September. Spring is a most beloved time of year, with it’s blooming flowers, warmer sunny days and a festive cheer in the air as we all pack away our winter woollies.


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Are these the most interesting places in South Africa?

They may not be the most interesting places in South Africa but they certainly have the most interesting names. Just as SA is a colourful, quirky place, filled with diverse and quirky people so are some of the towns out there! Here are some of the funniest and strangest town names we could find:


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Free Accommodation reaches R2 Million!

It’s official!


The Sleeping- OUT Free Accommodation Programme has reached the 2 Million mark!

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Win a weekend away in the Cederberg

Kagga Kamma is a private game reserve in the untouched wilderness area in the mountainous Cederberg region. The Cederberg is characterised by untouched Karoo-like wide open wilderness, consisting of an array of indigenous wild flowers and animal life scarcely seen in any other parts of South Africa. The landscape and views from the reserve are stunningly picturesque all year round.

Kagga Kamma 16.07 (20)

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