Pet-friendly accommodation in the Western Cape

What could be sadder than a dog’s little face as you send him off to doggy prison (aka the dreaded ‘kennels‘) while you go off on your Xmas holidays? In addition to the seperation anxiety aspect, kennels, just like child-day care centres, can be breeding grounds for all sorts of illnesses. It’s very common for pets to come back with kennel cough, parvo, biliary or some other illness. So why not take your furry family member with you on your holiday? Since many of you head down to the coast for holidays, here are just some of the many pet-friendly accommodation options around the Western Cape:

happy family playing with dog on beach

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17 lions vs a porcupine?

Last week 17 lions took on a porcupine at Londolozi Private Game Reserve in the Sabi Sands Game Reserve on the Western border of the Kruger National Park. Any bets on who won out at this unlikely face off?

Watch the incredible footage here to find out!


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Travelling on a South African passport

Jet-setters out there will know, travelling on a South African passport is not the easiest exercise ever. Many countries require visas if you’re South Africa, even for a short stay. The visa process involves a lot of time, planning, paperwork and expense. It’s in fact such a hassle that it may put you off travelling altogether!

But the glass need not be half empty, did you know that there are actually 97 countries around the world that South Africans can travel to without a visa?

Check out this comprehensive list:

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Guess the South African landmark

South Africa is  home to many unique sites, landscapes and views. How well do you know our country? Can you recognise these distinctive South African landmarks?

Answers are at the bottom of this post – don’t peek!


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Baby Gertjie: Putting a face to the rhino poaching crisis

Baby rhino Gertjie was rescued by the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre after his mother was brutally poached in front of him, leaving him orphaned. He was found crying inconsolably next to her body in an extremely traumatised state.


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A guide to Guy Fawkes 2014

Remember, remember the 5th of November!
Wednesday is Guy Fawkes Day, and though the holiday has lost most of its political and religious meaning,  we still celebrate Guy Fawkes Day with fireworks and bonfires (a nod to what could have been had the Gun Powder Plot been successful).

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Watch these animals getting tipsy on ripe marula fruit


So, it may not be just us humans who like a little tipple! This scene from “Animals are beautiful people” seems to show animals engaging in the same vice!

Watch this hilarious video of animals apparently enjoying fermented Marula fruit a bit too much:

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Win a weekend away with Blyde Mountain Country House

Blyde Mountain Country House is a beautiful guest house with a perfect location – situated just 15 km from Hoedspruit, between the world famous Kruger National Park and the magnificent Blyde River Canyon. Nestled between lemon orchids and the Blyde River, visitors can allow themselves to get lost in the uniquely secluded ambience and tranquility.

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The best places to celebrate Halloween this year

Halloween is upon us!
The origins of Halloween are up for debate, some believe it’s based on a Gaelic harvest festival that marked the northern hemisphere’s change from autumn to winter and when the physical and spiritual worlds aligned. Others believe it be based on the Catholic holiday All Saints’ Day, where believers pay homage and collectively pray for the souls of their dearly departed.


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Baby rhino tries (and fails) to act like his goat best friend


Check out this video of best friends Gertjie and Lammie at the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre.  Poor little rhino Gertjie  just can’t master those goat moves

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