5 South African Wine Regions You May Not Have Heard Of

Wine tasting in South Africa's alternative wine regionsBy now news has reached the outside world of South Africa’s impressive offering when it comes to wine. We really do have it all, from crisp whites like Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay to velvety reds like Merlot and Pinotage. Thinking about these wines inevitably has people imagining well-known regions like Stellenbosch, Paarl and Franschhoek, however, there is a mounting accoutrement of wine regions developing all over the country. Continue reading

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Ways to give back this Mandela Day


This Friday, the 18th of July, would have marked Nelson Mandela’s 96th birthday. It is also the first Mandela Day that we are celebrating since he passed away last year, making it an even more meaningful occasion.

The United Nations declared July 18th as Nelson Mandela International Day in November 2009 in recognition of Mandela’s “values and his dedication to the service of humanity.” The celebration of Mandela Day is a global call to action for people to recognise that each person has the power to change the world in some small way.

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8 things you’ll only see in Africa


Africa is a pretty crazy place. Some call it a land of ‘extremes’ – extremely rich in resources, extremely poor in money, extremely beautiful and extremely cruel. It is the birthplace of humanity and has the second largest population in the world, at just over one billion people. Here are some of the wild and wonderful things you might see when travelling Africa.



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Ten things to do with bored kids this holiday


Tired of hearing “I’m bored” and “there’s nothing to do”? Or are you feeling guilty seeing  your kids spending their holidays in front of the TV or computer every day? Well, the school holidays are not over just yet and there is still time to save the day. Here are a few ideas for cool things to do before the kids go back to school – whether you are just at home or visiting another city.


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Creative Inspiration in South African Destinations

creative escapes in South AfricaAs human beings, we are multi-faceted creatures and as such it is not just basic needs like food and shelter which ensure a satisfying existence. Along with relationships with other humans, like friends and family, it is also important that our spiritual and creative selves are fed, so to speak, if we want to live a happy and joyful life. Continue reading

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What do you need to bring to the Grahamstown National Arts Festival?


The Grahamstown National Arts Festival is now officially an institution. This year marks the 40th anniversary since the inaugural festival was held in 1974 for the official opening of the 1820 Settlers National Monument.

This landmark edition offers a programme featuring some of past festival’s most accomplished alumni as well as a focus on fresh young artists with The Fringe and the Standard Bank Young Artists Awards. Continue reading

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6 Must See Attractions in Namibia

Sossusvlei_Dune_NamibiaSouth Africa is a wonderful destination, diverse as they come but a mind-blowing trip to the tip of Africa can be even more jaw-dropping if you incorporate one of South Africa’s neighbouring countries into your itinerary. Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique are fascinating, beautiful countries which play host to their own sets of cultures and landscapes just waiting to take your breath away. Today we introduce you to Namibia…. Continue reading

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Win with the Protea Hotel Saldanha Bay

Protea Hotel Saldanha BayAn hour and a half from Cape Town, up the scenic West Coast lies Saldanha, a small fishing town and natural harbour. The bay upon which the town is perched is ideal for water sports while the fresh seafood available there is something to write home about too. As you can imagine, there is plenty of demand for accommodation there, but the Protea Hotel Saldanha Bay is definitely up there among the best. Continue reading

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Where Would Celebs Stay if they came to Africa?

celebrity holidaysWith money to burn and highly publicised preferences (some more than others), celebrities can afford to get exactly what they want when it comes to holiday accommodation, so what do we have to offer? Hypothesising a little about what certain celebs may want from a vacation is a fun exercise, and we’re glad to announce that we think South and Southern Africa in general have such a broad range of destinations and accommodation options that even the richest and pickiest celebs will be satisfied. Continue reading

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9 Places that will make you Fall in Love with Mpumalanga

Magical MpumalangaMpumalanga‘Place where the sun rises’, as it’s translated from Zulu, Swazi, Xhosa and Ndebele – is an unbelievably diverse province in the east of South Africa. Divided along its north/south axis by the Drakensberg Escarpment, the western half is characterised by high-altitude grassland known as the Highveld, while the eastern half is low altitude bushveld known as the Lowveld. Continue reading

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